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Going out Staying in.
I wanted to blog my experiences over the first few weeks of me being in HF as an Alpha .
It got off to a strange start, I got the invite April fool’s day then couldn’t create a login, something was broken, and advice was available on the forum I had no access to.
Emails went back and forward in my Gmail everyone seemed to be forwarding every comment to my inbox. Normally this would have pissed me off but I was relieved It wasn’t just me banging on the door.
Then I downloaded the Mac only interface after going cap in hand to my partner to borrow back the MacBook pro I gave her she uses windows on it and I had to update the Mac partition and blow away the cobwebs.
I installed it I spent 10 min’s looking for High Fidelity before finding it was called interface, in your face. Logged in and it worked first time. Reading on the forum a lot people weren’t so lucky.
I’m sat staring at this little white robot staring back at me, was then I noticed the webcam light was on. I peeled off the little blob of Bluetack she puts over the lens to stop “bad men” looking at her. And its little robot head began to bob around.
Looked at the controls, crap I thought its using wasd I’m a lefty, and prefer the arrow keys but they work also.
All I can see is me and stars. But I have the little white robot looking at me for company. Control is hard pressing forward makes me sorta fly up and I can’t find the ground. I’m panicking a bit that I’m lost in space.
Soon after I ran into Emily she was really helpful she showed me how to use shift to go up and down and how to change avatars. It was quite daunting but I was having fun.
I should tell you something about me I have been a Second life user since 2006. I only got the Internet the year before that. Like every one my age in the uk I had a zx spectrum and typed in games from magazines but after that I didn’t continue with technology I had a few games consoles but until I discovered internet chat nothing really captured my imagination. Wandering around shooting things just didn’t appeal.
Second life hooked me eventually. A repeating thought about it is that it’s too fucking difficult. I have been in it so long I forget how much I struggled with stupid simple things.
To cut a long rambling story short I now teach 3D Modelling using Blender thanks to Second Life which I consider a win.
I want to feel free to ask all the stupid questions that come into my head about High fidelity. Because I’m sure other people might want to know about these things also. Not to rush development, not to make it more like second life because I feel being here is an opportunity and my experiences are an insight that you will either agree or disagree with. But hopefully having this dialogue will drive the project forward in some way. Virtual worlds let people go out and stay in, let’s stay in and go on this journey.


Why am I here?

What is High Fidelity firstly it’s obviously named after the
kids from fame song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFSMLdmkdTM
that started me thinking.

Creativity and co-creation.

What used to be great about second life was creativity. I
used to go in there and build things and it was good.

I say used to because now it doesn’t work that way , all
that stuffs there still but times have changed building is now done outside in
3d programmes. I miss building socially with people stood around telling me I’m
doing it wrong.

What I told people around SL and was constantly ignored was
that I want Blender (a free open source 
3D prog) to be inside Second life. It can’t be done, yaa boring, that’s not
my problem. I wanna…

HF needs to be a flexible space in which I can work and

I know all you tek nerds programming Hf are using git hub to
share code. Can’t you do that in world? Have The Matrix up on the wall somewhere
drop the code in then you  can stand
around sucking your teeth pointing at all the brackets and squiggly lines and
telling each other than you’re doing it wrong. Hell even run HF as a virtual machine
in HF.


Snooping through the
git hub there’s talk about midi support .For the non-music nerd it’s the way
electric pianos talk to each other.

I would like to be able to jam with some muso friends I have
over there in the States. Lag has always made this impossible in Skype and the
like it doesn’t work. If we’re not all hearing things at the same time as everyone
else music gets tricky. From my days messing around recording music using Cubase
delays of more than about 10ms makes it nigh on impossible to play and even
sing in tune.

So jamming with friends or even strangers is a thing I’d
like to do. Writing songs together would need a shared notepad that ties back
into the shared coding idea. Collaboratively writing an angsty ballad about how
girls don’t like me because I play video games etc.

Talking of High Fidelity I want all the chat to be at 24 bit
192 so I can jam with Neil Young on his Pono.

Art, well the same thing again. One of the most fun things I
did in SL was a Dr Sketchys party. Basically we would sit around and draw each
other using Photoshop or pens and paper then share the results in Flikr. I want
to do this with the drawing and sharing all in world.

Knocks on your door , are you  staying in to play?


I would like to propose a scale for HF

A door way is 6foot 6 by 2 foot 6

That’s nearly 2 meters tall the units blender uses are about
1 meter

I propose the unit be the kitten cos voxel sounds scary

Kittens are also scary but can be fluffy.

Let 3kittens=1cube 1 cube is the default blender cube 6
kittens is then the height of a doorway

Making a doorway 6 kittens high by 3 wide.

Phil is probably 5 kittens high.

Let’s build this fucker


I read an interesting blog about using the rift in second
life, and after trying it I had to agree

Everything has been built to accommodate the cam position,
once you’re wearing a rift everything seems huge. The blogger went on to make a
small area built to a real scale (I think its 1920’s Berlin) which is quite

This raises some questions about HF and the future.

Firstly I’m not saying anyone should be forced into making
HF into a realistic rendering of real life. But if people want to do that
agreeing a scale before everyone populates the strip may not be a bad idea.

Should people build with a view on a rifts perspective
becoming the standard? Maybe it’s a gimmick maybe it’s the future who knows.

To recap 3 kittens to a 1meter ish cube a standard doorway
is then 6x3kittens,



The FBX file that HF uses for avatars is I believe a proprietary
format belonging to Autodesk this doesn’t seem to fit with the open source
nature of HF. It’s also causing me a headache as it’s not supported correctly
by Blender, there is a patch someone made but it won’t be incorporated because I
believe it using again Autodesk’s property (and with the patch installed it’s
still not importing avatars into blender correctly).

I know many of you are Mac users and Max and Maya are not available
for OSX.

Can I throw my hat into the ring and suggest HF can add support
for Colada DAE. This is open source and is supported by all the main 3D

There may be very good reasons why we’re using FBX feel free
to slap me around and explain them lol

Thoughts on the
Strip and building

I thought I should share my thought on my attempts to build
and discussions I have with Kevin.

After we were given some land we set about trying to find
the corners we found it tricky (coulda been the alcohol)

But having land raised a few problems none of which at this
stage don’t matter but eventually will matter a lot

Firstly anyone can build anywhere so we will need some land permissions
setup. To stop people accidently or deliberately breaking builds.

Also we need some way of limiting build distance to a
defined parcel of land. I found trying to delete my voxels especially it’s easy
to catch something in the distance you had no intention of deleting.

If for example I make a large voxel cube then cut a small
cube into it the one large cube is effectively turned into a massive pile of
sugar cubes making it a nightmare to complexly delete. Perhaps a way to make a
selection then to grow the selection?

There seems no way to identify the creator of anything.

Personally I’m interested in building outside of HF then
importing structures. This would for the time being, be good because then I can
lavish some time on a thing without it being deleted in a million unforeseen random
events that are bound to happen sooner or later.

Thoy’s has a build on his server that I suspect was built
using a script rather than cube at a time. Some info on how that’s achieved
would be useful.

The Metavoxel   editor
looks like an intriguing thing and possibly a gateway and a solution to the aforementioned
problems, is there any info on what it all does?

The Open and Honest Content Provider Community Dialog Thread

Just hop in to correct that Maya and 3DS Max are available for OSX. I used both for several years on Mac OSX.

I agree with the scale unit. I hope HiFi will stay in the real world units to make everything easier and realistic. Second Life has the problem of “giant scale” building which the avatars are too tall (2meters+) and that cause the buildings to have 3meters+ doors (it is about 2 meters in real world), please don’t go the giant scale like Second Life.


Shows what I know lol you’re right, I read that somewhere and believe everything I read on the net so never checked .I would be fine with real world units but would prefer metric to imperial which was outlawed in the U.K in 1969. I suggested the Kitten as a unit of scale because it sidesteps the metric/imperial thing and because the Internet seems to trade largely in photos of kittens already.


Too Difficult

Well I have been trying to get a working avatar into HF now
for 2 weeks

And my conclusion is that for me its 2 bloody difficult

The uploader has issues(even if a file is accepted it doesn’t
appear in the list) I believe either way I’m not wild about waving my obvious incompetence
around like a flag, but this is what I have been doing.

KevM would kindly upload my attempts to his server to test

I thought this is becoming embarrassing pestering him all
the time so I remembered my web provider giving me free space, so I decided to
try to use this.

So now I have to learn about ftp and all this stuff,  I’m sure as Jedi knights you were born
understanding all this  but as a lowly
nerf hearder  its all new to me.

Yesterday briefly I had some results well I got the head in
world and faceshifting . The problem was the head was 6 feet above the body.

Today I can’t even do that.

So I decided to try something simple to check my sanity.

I thought if I copy all of ron’s head from the public folder
and its associated files to my server that should work and I can progress from
there. Well nope nada insert expletives.

I can make things avatars and such for secondlife behold

I like doing this stuff it’s a bit of a passion I make sod
all from doing it but it’s rewarding in other ways.

I have blown nearly 2 weeks on HF and really got nowhere.

I’m suffering because maybe I’m an incompetent idiot but
mostly because nobody is around to actually discuss it with me.

I know the developers are all busy developing.  Roy who I think made the existing avas has
tried to help.

I’m certain I’m suffering because I’m Using blender not Maya

I scaled down my ambition from making my own head. I thought
ill just retexture ron. You would think changing nothing but the images would
work but nah

I really want to join in, contribute but feel ‘m in a bit of
a vacuum. Everything is more important than the user experience.

I tried looking on gitter and github so I felt atleast like
I knew where people’s efforts are being spent.

I update the interface 3 times a day without any indication
to what’s changed.

Nothing seems to.

Oh the option to upload svo’s and schematics went.

The Open and Honest Content Provider Community Dialog Thread
My observations

If you build it and they don’t come

The cathedral in the dessert syndrome.

Ask why not how.

How can we do this how can we have a billion people in one

I think the key question we should be asking is why

Why would people come to HF?

What are they coming for why would they stay?

Don’t be too proud of this technical marvel you constructed.

Regardless of the future io possibilities people need a
point a reason to be here.

When we compare Hf against the competition that we dare not
speak its name

Second life.

SL is funded by its regular users these people are the
creators they create and sell and pay for the Sims and pay to upload. All this
keeps the experience free for the noob. Can HF compete with free?

For all its flaws Sl has a broad user base.

What does HF have to tempt them away from their inventories
of a million pairs of shoes and dresses?

The top end of SL users are Tek nerds they have been there a
long time and are oblivious to how tekky and nerdy they became. They run shops
build and perform organize and feed the noobs need to become a part of it.

How is Hf going to get the people who don’t give a shit
about games?  To become mainstream and long-lasting
mainstream these people need a reason to come.

Why would they?

Course I would never ask a question I didn’t have an answer
to but I want to hear how you would do it :wink:


Nice timing for your post. Philip just outlined on the blog the system architecture: https://highfidelity.io/blog/2014/04/high-fidelity-system-architecture/


Musings and thoughts and conspiracy theories

As I seem to hit a little hiatus in the building progress
whilst the developers catch up to my ambitions

I thought I’d talk about my latest musings on what HF is
Might be could be.

These thoughts stem from on the surface HF today looks like
HF nearly a year ago in the Hairdressing vid.

Why is the graphics engine so basic? As a rule new games it’s
not a game but I’m calling it a game.*-Live and die on the jaw dropping wow
factor of the graphics.

As it stands HF is mine craft with decent avatars.


Well I thought a few things about this and my first thought
was this.

What if Hf isn’t a game and it’s just a telephone.

Thinks- we make a Skype competitor but we stick a few avatars
in it to pretty it up msn messenger the next generation and we replace the smiles
with face shift.

But there are a lot of things around like that instant
messengers and free communication devices.

But low latency hi definition sound would be a fine thing in
its self.

And I suspect that voxels might be great on tablets and

Alt right clicking in world it cam’s around as fast as hell
all at 60fps.

Then I was looking at some of the Java script sites around. I’m
not a coder but an enthusiastic tek nerd. If you go look on http://threejs.org/ there’s lots of technical
demos, really amazing fast pretty things that run at speed in a browser. Jaw
dropping stuff.

Looking at the proposed HF architecture. Maybe the idea is
to leave the tool and world design to the users. Make the framework stable and open
and let people make anything they can imagine all in java. Hf will be the gate
keepers to it all .Bring these talented js creators into a place where they can
monitise their skills securely and sell it to the users.

Maybe it’s sounding more like Paypal. But imagine it

HF Really could be the next generation of virtual world. Not
limited by old technology and something actual 3rd party developers would
be interested in .I always wanted to race a car in sl but would fall through
the sim crossing, if it’s on your own servers I imagine you can call the shots
where the walls are

Much like www.zombo.com
the only limit is your imagination

*it’s probably a toy like a ball rather than a game like
Football. I.e. you mess around with it for fun rather than attempt to win it.


Imagine a company with 2 billion dollars and a vr headset
wanted to go into the virtual world business and had a dream of a virtual world
with a billion people in it.


Are we either bought or screwed?

And how do we feel about the prospect?

We have to be in it to win it. If anyone understands the
game its Phil.

If we were bought out by the dreaded Facebook how would I
feel  about it.

I can see both sides of this. The HF vision is for a dynamic
modern virtual world. The Faceybook dollar would make that happen.

In my previous post I talked about why. Why would people
come? You won’t get a billion people here to wear fake peens and cyber.

What do people do on the internet? They shop and social
network. So if you drop Facebook into HF then you drop Ebay and Wallmart 2. You
can turn the shopping experiences interactive. HF could eat the internet. Re
imagine it all as a place you can go not hindered by Secondlifes lag. No one
will go into wall mart if they have to wait for 20 minutes for the cornflakes
to appear. But if you could make Wallmart shopping better than the miserable experience
of going to the store , then we could really have something.

Calling all merchants
The Open and Honest Content Provider Community Dialog Thread

Hope you don’t mind me interrupting your musings, but I wanted to say I enjoy your posts!

Re: the last post, if there’s a billion people in a corporate owned centralized virtual world, we are almost certainly screwed. However benevolent the founding dictator, the shareholders will demand profit and acquiescence from the citizens, and could easily exile any dissenters given their monitoring capability.

Hmm, seems familiar from RL but np so long as I’m fat, dumb, and happy :slight_smile:



I understand the demonstration was about the latency motion and
input integration rather than Ryan’s musical prowess but if you don’t understand
the HF Endpoint then it’s hard not to think this looks like a Wii game.

I don’t think I want to use a suit with Velcro and wires sat
at my pc it seems like a step backward from the Kinnect. But a Kinnect sat at
my desk can’t see what most of my body is doing. It all gets to be a load of
wires and crap strewn everywhere. I’m a boy and a nerd one at that but I want a
more elegant solution to interface.

What do I want my body movements captured for?

I’d like to build that way but I would need to feel like I’m
getting a better level of control than I get from a mouse and keyboard before I
would feel compelled to switch.


I use a Microsoft
surface when I’m not at my desk to run HF. That is an unexpectedly good experience.
I like that I can look around using the touch screen. I would like it more if I
could use the tilting rotating thingy to walk around.

The problem with Oculus rift.

I have the OR1 dev kit, I know the new versions will be
better, but to be honest it makes me nauseous and claustrophobic and I know if I
was to stand up using it if fall over and yank my pc of the table flailing
around pulling the cables.

The great thing about the Oculus rift.

That said the Oculus is fucking immersive, and once the tek
resembles a pair of sunglasses I can see it being an amazing thing I can plug
into my phone to enter the Metaverse and enter it privately. I hate people
looking over my shoulder when I’m online and the Oculus has provided this
solution unintentionally. Most people recreationally sit watching TV with a laptop or iPad and
their family’s around them in the room.

The Open and Honest Content Provider Community Dialog Thread

The light went on today

A lotta stuff in HF I took for granted

I’m living in the fucking future and I never noticed

Right now today in Hf

I can look around move and chat to people

Without touching the fucking mouse or keyboard.

200 years ago I would a been burned as a witch for this shit…

Im reminded of the Onions Moon landing headline.



I took it for granted cos i been doing this stuff rl forever. so I didn’t notice I was doing it in here.

One day we wont have to explain what to do anymore

one day ill be able to put my arms around you, and you’ll feel it
or say um actually Judas am not comfortable with this don’t touch me :wink:


@Judas I think we can still try to arrange a nice little campfire to roast you LOL.

To join in the chorus here, I must say that this is what sets HF above and beyond it’s competition. The possibilities of using real movement makes it more real. When you think about concepts/religions/realities such as Zen Buddhism one can really imagine and now perceive reality in a way that they never did before.

The reality of the real world is that no matter where you live on the planet, there are less physical resources and more human beings. The cost of real-world activities continues to augment when the average person’s disposable income diminishes daily.

This negative reality actually creates an opportunity for the virtual worlds to take those consumers and immerse them in a total sensory perception as if they are really doing it and never have to leave the house while doing the activity with friends with no limitation of space or time.

The future will open up unlimited possibilities for creators world-wide. I am so excited to be a part of this with you all. As a musician, the real-life scene continues to crash as people don’t have the money to spend on RL entertainment as they once did. This creates a beautiful opportunity for all those who want to share and make reality a passion!


This takes a while to read all, the bigger problem why everything in SL is so oversized is because the not used first person look. but a weird (not good working) look above the avatar behind it. so the camera created the problem of wrong SL sizes to. love the first person look more, it wlaks better to.


Good idea to blog here since we cannot post publicly yet.

I have been creating private and unpublished blog pages with all my own musings and thughts, plus screenshots as we go along. So I hope they can be opened up at some stage one day.

All important issues I am though raising in the alpha forums as we progress.


The interesting thing about the lindens announcing a new
virtual world in development will highlight the main issue Second life has.

The lindens could announce they were buying everyone kittens
and cake and the “community” would respond, why?  They always preferred second life when it didn’t
have kittens and cake.

Why would we want kittens?  I won’t bother with it yadda yada.

Remember when they introduced Voice?

Remember the viewer2 backlash when they cleaned up the
interface to make it easier to use?

Remember when they introduced mesh to the grid.

Just this inherent vitriol and resistance to change always kind
of shocked me.

As I think about it the “community” seem unable to embrace
change till the firestorm developers tell people they invented it and incorporate
the same thing 6 months later.

Must suck to work in that environment maybe it explains why
they don’t seem to listen to the users anymore.

Maybe this is why I’m enjoying the HF alpha so much there’s
this river of change and everyone seems happy to dive in and see where it takes

Sooo conspiracy theory time again…

What if were all in Sl2 as the kids call it already?  ooh 
highfidelityio is an anagram of lindenlabs

What if sl2 has been developed using Hf’s opensource gubbins
and there’s a secret linden realm full of a different set of alphas but they
also aren’t allowed to talk about it?

I don’t think Ebbie would mention having something in
development that isn’t up and running in some form.

Speaking of Ebbie he showed up at one of KevinMThomas’s
shows the other week. The pieces slowly fit in to place. We should beat the
crap outta Kevin till he tells us what he knows. Who’s with me?


So much love :smile:


Judas. Check carefully… Kevin is an anagram of Ebbe… This is infiltration. Ebbe is a secret mole in Kevin.

One thing was odd about the SL11B celebration - London (the real London) got black-balled by the people who are running it this year. A good friend tried to get us in and got NO response… which was odd, seeing that the person he contacted was meant to be a friend of his. I wonder if they know I am here in HF and this is why I have been black-balled in SL…

Judas – await your black ball in SL - it’s coming !!

PS Watch Kevin… You may catch him in mid Kev/ Ebb morph if you’re lucky grins