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When I’m dead don’t bury me at all
So there is a thing that happens. When people need to announce something, they do it when there is a much bigger news story going on. Its called burying a new story. Yes you told everyone but no one listened .
This is what hifi did yesterday on steam. I would be interested in understanding the thinking behind that move…

If i had to speculate on the reasons they would be such.
Hifi isnt really fight ready but it does work really well if your the kinda person willing to meet it half way. Steam has a vast user base which includes the right kinda nerds we need to target

Maybe there is something in the small print of the funding required to keep it.

someone pressed the wrong button :smiley:


We like they have the assamof laws of robotics need the laws of vr

i shall start

rule 1
Dont touch Judas in the face


Time to update

I was thinking about software updates and thought I would
share my conspiracy theory.

I have an iPhone and I’m plagued with updates, ones that I dutifully
install then see no difference with the software. This led me to believe most
of these “essential updates” are more about the software people doing a little
product placement. Maybe if you see it update you will run to use it some more.

This led me to think about how steam and the oculus market
place deal with this stuff. They did it continuously it drove me nuts so I
turned off auto updates on the damn thing cos it was getting silly and annoying
Alt space vr wanted updating every time I would try to use it, eventually I stopped
using it. Hifi use to update 200 times a day well it seemed like it did. Its
better now they are down to maybe one a week or better every couple of weeks.
With this new influx of steam users, the dilemma is push through fixes and risk
driving people away or make a fairly stable build last until you have something
more than a change to logging to annoy people with…

Oh the new content is available thing will have new users
wiping everything they made. It should be reset to default content. Yes we have
backups but annoying is annoying.

Unrelated the boss where I work announced they are leaving.
It occurred to me I never met her. She never dropped by my department and said
hi. Then I was looking on the form and saw piks of Philip hanging out with
people at the sandbox at the weekend. Philip has more money than he can wave a
stick at, he doesn’t need to do any of this he could be sat on a beach lighting
dollar bills and throwing them into the sea till the day he dies. But he’s in
hifi on Sunday chatting to people.

Churchill said “If you find a job you love,
you’ll never work again.”

He does seem to have a point.


Yeah, this is one of those “Wait, WTF?” things for me too. Every day, when I turn my machine on for the day, I get this pop up saying there’s a new version of the home domain contents that it wants to update me to. That would be fine if someone wants to use the bog-standard, out of the box home domain contents… but I’m sure there’s going to be lots of people wanting to mod their home location to something more interesting and different. Say, turn your home location into a classic-era TARDIS interior with corridors and rooms going for miles and miles and your home location has you in the console room facing towards the main doors that lead you through the inside of the police box to the outside world… or you recreate the Enterprise and your home location places you in the transporter room. You spend hours getting all that set up, and the next day the system wants to replace that with a new copy of the default home? oO


I am looking for a setting to stop that useless message because every time my server restarts, that is where the sandbox ends up stuck.


It’s annoying message i see with ever update.
It’s a dagerous question i warned in previous post alread for after i wiped my domain by accident. and only could restore it from external backup. but how many people have automstic external backup ?

Does clicking NO not make it dissapear for this version.


Removing the vive


Ok, i admit after some thinking and days later.
The mute bubble sound very usefull in cases to avoid stress.

Not tried it, but i think at the end i like it.


Still waiting for the day we finaly get real terrain.
Not so busy with High Fidelity right now. Fighting other problems.
Also, still waiting for some important things.

  • Terrain
  • Chat system

I hope soon to redo my secondary system with (for now) old GF670. shuffle some hardware and add a betetr screen to it. Then i go see what happens with High Fidelity on the GF670 :open_mouth: It get later my GF980 when it’s replaced.


Actual Terrain – you will have to model…
Actual Chat System – you will have to program yourself

HiFi is a platform baseline, it will take the team of volunteer programmers to get it done, not likely HiFi staff themselves.


Interesting… that does not match what’s been said – a survey was done by HiFi to specify user desires for a chat system. Terrain, as in world terrain standard systems, has also been mentioned as on the radar for HF to develop. So, I suppose, if something has changed, again, in those regards it would be nice to know.


Its from my perspective opinion, it could be they have it on the worklist however I think they are prioritizing more engine features as verbal and visual communication are the centerpoint of VR. What I was getting at is that if people want a chat system integrated it would be ideal that the community develops one and proposes it as code change to High Fidelity.


Terrain for me would be satisfied by some simple in-world mesh editing of the grab-single-vertex, push-pull-it-about variety.


That is not what the told is , and the did keep the chat survey not for fun.
Terrain does not work good inside a tool as blender, you need to have inworld terrain that you can adjust. Not sure about the status of it.

Centerpoint of VR is at least a normal chat system and terrain. The social stuff is a bit lower on the need. If nothing can be created social is not really usefull to.


you can make terrain out of a model but that approach has a nyriad of problems with object occlusion. To make a terrain that looks realistic from cose distances to far distances, one has to model it differently. @Philip discussed this in a mettup many moons ago (it was voice chat and not recorded). my recollection was that he was going down the path of procedurally generated terrain texture for up-close viewing and some form of procedural distance based degradation algorithms to keep the terrain viewing bandwidth down since you do want to see the terrain go off to near infinity.


Is High Fidelity losing the sparks ? Mabye.

Cuurently i see only tweets and posts about things that are nice or funny. But not exciting.

The exciting parts in High Fidelity are

  • Good Terrain , better then secondlife.
  • Water that would be the cherry on top of terrain.
  • And a good chat / Im system.

Especially with good terrain you get me excited. That is the real fun. On top you ned more content offcourse especially plants !

So when is high fidelity getting really exciting again ? next month ? next summe? Somewhere beyond 2018 ?

Meanwhile, high fideloity feels a bit boring.
Ok, Ok. It not a good time of the year to, to get excited.

Still @judas last work is very nice.


Eh, I come back to that same thing as before, IM’s and chat, in a virtual world where the idea of touching a keyboard should be non-existent. At best maybe a voice or dictation system but is that in relation to in-world or community conversation. If its community then we have IM’s here on the forums.


Ehh, that’s not goping to work all the time , IM on forum. It need to be inside the virtual world. And voice is really not the best communication way. Especially between different languages. DIctation systems. forget it, the work pretty bad.

I tried years ago speech to text. It not worked corerct, because i use english on the computer but not native language. Typing is more easy then speaking.

Also, voice can freak you out.


On the contrary… this creator just got his “wings”. :wink:

Can’t wait to try them in Interface.


Now i wish High Fidelity did have a hard hat on the marketplace. :grinning:
Better take cover if your on welcome. :innocent: