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Is this going to be fixed?
Or is the High Fidelity commerce system also being shelved in its current state as an experimental private one-node blockchain?

Decided how to sell hifi
stop flying to meetings save time save the planet use hifi


:crazy_face: still a good pitch

I’ve tracked down one cause of Marketplace items disappearing from domains: the following fields in the Create app change the item’s certification “signature” used in the code:

  • Collision Shape
  • Server Scripts

For example, with Judas’s sofa changing Collision Shape from “box” to “No Collision” makes the sofa disappear.
Or changing Server Scripts from empty to “x” makes the sofa disappear.

Other fields that change the item’s “signature” are disabled in the Create app with “** Certified **” displayed.

I haven’t seen the sofa disappear after just changing its size.


Messing with lights and stuff still


Pretty plus 20 characters!

puts this here
how do i make an id map for substance painter without blender render in blender 2.8

Finally, something you taught that I actually knew how to do!!!
Thanks for all the education. It’s super easy to understand you.

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gonna make a how to make an owl tutorial next -.-

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Everybody’s lost but me

Why high-fidelity has a future and the other virtual worlds including second life, VR chat Skype Facetime etc are all shit.

Forget now, now doesn’t matter.

What matters is tomorrow

I went on a bit of a tour of VRchat with Kevin today. Its pretty, there are all these thousands of people using it

But where are they

10 or 12 here and there place to place where are all these thousands of people?

In a bloody instance it turns out a VRchat space laughably maxes out at 30 people

Woopy bloody do.

A skype conference call lets u have 25 lol facetime 32

Second life lets u get maybe 100 people together in a space how many does Sansar let?

Here’s why high-fidelity will destroy them all

High-fidelity doesn’t tell you how many people you can have

That all depends on the server you use, and how many people you can find to attend.

Imagine going to a festival with 30 people

You would give up and go home

In hifi we managed what 500 people that’s like an event at the church hall lol

But 500 isn’t a limit set by hifi

Hifi has no limit.

Just a thought


If I may tag on… @philip

I see a VR future in LIVE Performances where an Indie Artist can shake hands and kiss babies and leverage the power of their Instagram and Spotify spaces to drive fans into LIVE engagement once we are at that stage (5-7 years away).

I see a VR future in Classroom Teaching where an Instructor and be in a virtual auditorium instructing to thousands where the Student will have a dual-monitor, one watching the immersive experience with headphones on, the 2nd working in their software of choice working along in real-time (5-7 years away).

I see a VR future in Virtual Open Workplaces where again each Employee will have a dual monitor setup as explained above where they are real-time engaging each other and collaborating while working in their software of choice on the 2nd monitor (5-7 years away).

THIS IS THE FUTURE OF LIVING. Physical buildings and commute times are DRIVING the future of “Virtual Immersive Living” - a Kevin M. Thomas phrase.

ONLY HIGH FIDELITY as we live and breathe can have more than 30 people on a domain at a time (there might be others but do they have a robust economy, are they open source?)

If I was a bettin fella, I would bet on High Fidelity as I BELIEVE in a place called High Fidelity!


Except… you can’t have 500 people in the same area, and we’ve only had at best 100 in the same area during bingo stuff. Once you get past 400, you run into issues where the client can’t keep up, even if you have the beefiest server.

The other thing is honestly demand. Right now, as in RIGHT NOW, most servers don’t need to hold more than 20 at best except during events or meetings. Bear in mind that users themselves have to run the servers, and that is also hurting things a bit. The reason why Second Life can’t handle more than 100 is due to using potato servers and VRChat’s limit is honestly ideal for what its doing, where the servers rarely run into issues and the client’s don’t get overloaded.

Honestly, that’s something most people tend to forget, and that’s that shaders can be f***ing expensive. Having run around VRC for awhile now, as in actually running around, the safety system which lets me render base models and extra things only if I want it has shown that some people do focus on optimization whereas others do not, and when people tend to have the flashier stuff, having more than 30 people with all that extra goodness would most likely make any system cry a little inside. Done right, it can really optimize things and enhance stuff.

But here’s one final thing to also note, and this is one thing that I have to deal with all the time with paying customers: DO THEY CARE? Do they care that High Fidelity is a beta platform? Do they care that the controls are still troublesome? Do they care that you can shove 500 people into the same area and have a frame rate that rivals a flip book? Do they care that TheSpot was a near 400MB behemoth of a domain as your default starting area?

No. More often than not, no they don’t, and that is one thing that ALL domain owners need to keep in mind. Yes, you can have up to 500 people on a server cluster setup that will cost maybe $50 a day to keep going, but is that an ideal experience? How would such a domain be funded and organized? With upcoming Quest and Focus, does 500 people in a server mean the flight recorders strapped to their faces will become toasters?

Yes, having the ability to have so many people in the same area is impressive, but it means nothing if it doesn’t create ideal experiences. For what it offers with 30 people in a room, VRC found its happy medium where it’s an ideal experience without being too taxing on a system. You can’t really laugh at that without first realizing that it’s apparently a working formula. If High Fidelity’s ideas were really a working thing, then the numbers would reflect it, and right now, they don’t.


was there with 490 somthing i was lag free maybe you need a better pc or connection

whats the point of a event if you cant invite thousands of people
i dont wanna be in a crappy instance its like going to a gig and standing in a cubicle
vr chat is a lame arsed secondlife clone, with like 1/3 the capacity its garbage
its a hacked togethe unity mod with no vision, woudl be as well using habbo hotel for all the originality it has, it doesnt even have an economy lol

RTX2080 Sea Hawk (OCed)
Intel i7-7700K OCed to 5Ghz
150/15 Mbps

It wasn’t lag. Frame rate. Frame sucked. Bad. In VR.

Also, Hifi may have an economy, but it royally sucks. I can’t cash out at all except if I make an appointment with the bank. Are you kidding me? We can buy place names, servers, groups, lists on a whim but god help us if we want more HFC or want to cash out.

Even then, what’s the point? The marketplace has been a troubling issue that continues to run into problems, be it for navigating or just even having your items there, and do I even want to talk about the security issues with it?

Where as on both SL and even VRC, there is an economy that is working (yes, even VRC has one with people selling the models outright and the user uploads for themself). Want L$? Just buy it. Boom! No bank appointment BS. Want to sell after validation? Boom! Money in mah PayPal! VRC? Something look good? Boom, take my money and give me model! Done! No questions asked!

And even then, HFC has one ruling issue: Oculus no likey and if that’s the case, I can only assume the Quest will have the same exact limit, and if the Quest is going to become the next savior of VR… well, something is kinda going to not work.


I donno @FlameSoulis … I was at that event and I didn’t have such a bad frame rate. I wasn’t in VR but I didn’t really notice much lag.

Most (entities and avatars), if not everything was visible to me and it seemed like all the contestants were able to navigate etc.

I am not saying it wasn’t bad for you but I think that it can work quite well.

My beef has been more with update issues that break stuff that worked before (the latest being the entity origin offset and my problem with the win 7 server updates).

As far as economy and cashing out HFC goes, yes it is a pain but I can understand why it has not been the highest priority yet.

I suspect that they have run into some conflicts between trying to monetize the marketplace, protecting IP rights and allowing for free use of other stuff.

One other thing: until 5g is widespread and mobile graphics evolve a generation or two, most of the new stand alone headsets will not work well with the content we are all used to, even with instancing as some other VR places use

Anyway, just my 2 HFC, and who knows, it all may be moot if what some worry might happen soon here actually happens.


Flame maybe update your drivers i can show you how to do that.
Hifis unique selling point is to be the venue for the event
Nobody wants to hold the festival in the smallest room when you can do woodstock
Secondlifes problem was always that everyone cant come together events like the burning man thing are split across multiple sims .
Hifis market may have some issues least it has one .VRChats free lunch will end soon then its freeloading userbase will all walk

Am lost with new platforms.

Sansar is good. high fidelity is good.
At the end the are both terrible.

  1. The build tools / interface are on both platforms not good and incomplete

  2. Small font sizes or bad color contrast.

  3. No custom key bindings. So moving is and keeps strange in both platforms.

High fidelity have still poor graphics.
I stopped using high fidelity for now , because following problems still not fixed after so long.

  1. The font size
  2. The user interface in desktop mode. not multitasking.
  3. Custom keybindings
  4. No default text chat and IM system. So extreme important.

There good things to, but the get burried under the problems

At the end as far i know sansar hold the good cards and most people i know looked there are are doing something there. High fidelity concentrated way to much and to long on VR. And that’s hurting high fidelity now.

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sits patiently waiting for the experiance to load in sansar taps his feet merily
sansar is like a poor secondlife copy only with less people
its strange when the company own secondlife they would choose to make a massivly worse chat system
than the one they allready own
It shoulda been secondlife 2
using the same currency
with inworld building
its ill concived, pretty in parts
just no vision

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