Going out Staying in Judas's Blog


It’s unmbelievable. Bugs really lure around every corner waiting for me.
Not doen much the last time, now i test my terrain. Not more then 5 minutes in High Fidelity and i stepped already on a bug and crash… :laughing:


Second Life uses a mouse and multiple keys on the keyboard, both 2D
inputs, to navigate a 3D space—it’s like learning to play the piano
said @philip
I can play the piano, but I had to ask 3 different people how to put a mesh on the market place
its not even slightly intuitive what the hell is a svo.json


Going offline staying in

So today I’m going to be joining the cool kids and will now be hiding my online status

I agree its best to not socialize in hifi and that I am now to cool and important and and don’t want to be disturbed from that very important thing I will be doing;

Community what community right comrades
appears offline…


Not to be a total d-bag, but if you check the logs, you’ll see that the “users online” API call has been failing… a LOT and I’m sure they are working on a fix.


My status is always for everybody. That users.js just need some punishment for not working correct. most of the time i see with soem luck 2 users online.


Last I heard that API is also going away since it divulges IDs and names without permission. Would be nice to get some official status on what replaces it or how it gets sanitized.

Long ago there was some discussion here: Users.js is gone how will I know when the other user is online now?

But, I remember at one of the Friday meetups, @Philip mentioned the privacy problems that leaky API creates. I can’t find any written mention of proposed changes to it - twas a verbal discussion.


Now, to start soemwhere. i uninstalled all nvidia stuff. \after that deleted manual some stuff from disk. Then i installed the latest versiopn with the option complete install.
Off course not much happend with testing. everything looked smooth. only framedrops with loading.

So, i need to wait till next meeting. and if correct logs from steam vr frame timings now get made automatic. I do not believe a reinstallation oif the drivers fix the problem. That would be to easy.


Game over.

I have been playing Pokemon the world has been playing Pokemon

Augmented Reality has won.

It has achieved in a month orders of magnitude above what VR
can only dream of.


Because it’s made it accessible

It’s made it simple

And it’s made it fun.

End of.

It’s got so much potential.

But it’s got potential from a device that everyone already has.

We cannot compete with that.

VR won’t die, but it’s going to remain the realm of niche
users for a long time.

Adrian was asking should he buy a VR Headset. It’s a hard

They are expensive and pcs are barley powerful enough to

Phone based AR avoided that completely

Have you tried google translate? Where you hold the cam in
front of text and it AR translates. Its magical

Hifi is inaccessible complicated and unless you have a
really specific skillset not fun.

Are we going to do anything about that, can we do anything
about that. I was thinking about AR

Imaging wearing AR Glasses, a Wacom pen being tracked, and
drawing on my desk like its Photoshop. Looking up to catch Pokemon, taking
phone calls

AR can replace the phone VR cant.


Oh ?, just wanted to know how to play it, i do not have any suitable device. Not, i really not want to it.

But hmd have long way to go. Not going to wear it all the time myself. I have more reasons for that. But i like to build and create things, and with hmd you get a better idea about some things. Wish secondlife used it 8 years ago. the it where not doomed with wrong build scale and camera angle.

Anyway, pretty sure that hmd not go fade away. But consumer usage. it can take a while.


I have to say that the only reason why Pokemon Go has been such a spike in social media is because of the nostalgic brand, restricted availability, and social media buzz. Its not the AR, which I do admit works well when you use it…

However, nearly everyone people Ive seen play Pokemon Go have the AR functionality absolutely turned off.
People only turn it on if they happen to be in a situation where the AR is funny. Gameplay wise the AR is very damn inconvenient, drains the battery, and makes one look like a tool on the street. With it turned off, the game mechanics are nearly equal to Ingress… which came in way before that… and which no body talks about.

The buzz will fade within a few months, especially after those who burned hours into it have reached the level 20 grind, and 2k CR pokemons start invading gyms. I know it because Ive reached that wall.

However, stuff like Magic Leap, now that is AR that might go on making mad bucks if it is affordable.


AR aka mixed reality, will have a much larger market penetration by the laity than VR for years to come. Period. It will and is that way because the training required to use it is far less than immersive VR. Also, AR is the training gateway for VR. Again, I am speaking to mass consumption. VR will continue to be something for deep enthusiasts: the high end gamers, the researchers, professional applications that require total immersion.

Yes, look to Magic Leap and HoloLens to dominate the AR market. HoloLens (an untethered AR HMD) is on a productization track to bring it down to the $500 range. Remember that it does not need a high end computer because all the graphics is done in the HMD itself. That is how you make things accessible to the mass market.

Many years down the road I expect a convergence to happen, where AR and VR are simple a programmable continuum using the same very sleek lightweight glasses.


omg ur level 20 im only @13


Yep happens when the office is right next to a park with a few pokestops constantly under a lure.


Scale is not right in SL still but using the rift with ctrl alt david’s viewer is very nice and one can see your creations quite well, walk around them, crawl over and under them. It naturally is not to the quality of hifi but very usable. I spent six hours this last day there in an extended HMD session and anticipate a 4 hour session coming up.
The string of the conversation had to do with @Judas fondness for AR, which, AR is amazing but AR and VR are very different devices for different purposes. Limited in space, AR has less appeal to me, VR broadens my space spectacularly. HMD’s have a long way to go, yes, but even now the potential is mind blowing. My six hour session was spent stunned! Spectacular, low definition but perfectly acceptable. It is not AR though.


limitless potential


Whooo. and mabye a but.
The finaly found a company that want to take the risk to finaly put fiber in my town. But it’s still only in idea status. Looking a bit around, the up and download speed would be extreme.

It still can take a long time (years?) before it’s here.



I was thinking of doing a variant of Pokemon in hifi the objective is to try to find the other users


damned if I can find them…sometimes even when I am standing next to them. Regardless of the bells and whistles, if you don’t have a way for humans to connect, they is no there, there.


Well I’m remaining hidden because if all the developers are doing the same then it must be the business plan to make it a desolate wasteland.
VR better alone

25 devs working on hifi

Maybe they are banned from logging during work hours ? Maybe its considered skiving off
Maybe they are all busy in Sansar
maybe they are dancing poles in sl for tips
They aint in here tho


@Judas most of our devs are busy working in their development environments! But I agree we do need more folks in-world.

The pole-dancing in SL for tips business model wasn’t working out so we’ve stopped that.