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VR is nice. but the amount of time i can use it or want to use it is limitted. ALso because 'medical ’ reasons i try to keep it low.

Also, building !
You always do in desktop mode !
Impossible todo in VR.


VR is the only reason why I’m on High Fidelity. I would have stayed on Second Life otherwise, I even left a business behind for this.
If the goal here is to get another desktop product, let me know, because I better return on SL and make money.
As a desktop product, if you think it can get even a very small market share, you might get very disapointed. The Virtual world’s social crowd is on SL and it works as a gravitational field. Even Sinespace pain to get its part. It’s not always the better product that is winning, It’s often the one that the most of people are using.
VR is what can make the difference here.

By the way, I use HMD every day, more than one hour.


Best would be if High Fidelity is aiming for VR, but also for desktop. and the ignore desktop to much for my feeling. Otherwise we would have better create tools years ago, especially when you know that build tools in VR are not so functional when building.

And you get the biggest group of people if you NOT support only VR but also Desktop at the same level.


Sansar is moving to steam. Still processing and fugure things out. Think it means you can use sansar only with steam.

Now that make things easy. Dump sansar. And concentrate on one thing. instead of keep eye on 2. The also drop the sandex.

Not wanted to drop the link, but, read it yourself.


Why would u call a event futvre it reads foot vrey
I see what they were going for but it doesn’t work
Foot vrey
Type bad kerning into Google images


Discord Saw a niche in the market and filled it

I.e. people had largely become unhappy with Skype gamers felt it was slowing them down they needed somewhere to talk

Discord gives users the ability to create spaces they can chat privately with each other on any topic you can think of.

They can share images videos pretty much anything they want to share. The users have control over who can access the space

It is available on a range of platforms pc mac android and ios . its basic facilities are free.

It’s easy to use,

Oh did anyone notice its basically just text chat.

What’s hifis market?

Who is it aimed at?

All High Fidelity’s users are in discord

All Sansar’s users are in Discord

All VR chat’s users are in Discord

All Second life’s users are in Discord

Who has won the next gen war?

Hifi doesn’t need text chat anymore

it has no users

Even Philip is in Discord


My thoughts on the event
What happened we had nearly 500 people at the last load test and that was really stable
Last night was really unstable Lucky we had such a low turnout imagine if the thousand people who had tickets all came .
I quite enjoyed the events was better organised than the load tests the main issues I saw were people being sent from area to area with the assumption that we knew where to go
We didn’t
The games the trivia doesn’t seem to work
The bingo game people didn’t know where or how to get a card
The winner won with a line . In the uk bingo is called when the card is filled
So that needs clarification.
To sum up
Sort the servers
Don’t treat a crowd as a collection of intelligent individuals
Treat us like idiots we appreciate it
Proof in point the fumbles were totally brilliant
The highlight of the night for me .


Let’s hope I can do the same thing. :wink:


Yup never going to work until people chat in the program


Using a ‘v’ in place of a ‘u’ alludes to an attempt to look ancient Grecian/Roman. Which is all about the future. … Apparently.

See also: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B241HCXaGuT8S212ZlpvRjVhTm8/view page 8: Introduction.


Jvdas? What a silly cvnt I am

UrUrtual would be maybe the reverse example


We should have an event for asstmchri next


soooo r/crappydesign


So this bingo is 11pm-midnight Thursday in the UK
And 3pm San Francisco
Is this being aimed at the jobless?


Does anyone have the address of the sanfransisco HiFi vr experience ? The one you can go try HiFi at?
Smokey is over there and wants to try


185 Clara St Suite 100,
San Francisco, CA 94107,

… is what it says on the Eventbrite invitations.


Hi Judas - yes, that is the address of our corporate offices. We do have a number of demo stations, however, we are not equipped for “walk in” demos. If someone would like to request a demo or visit, s/he would need to email support@highfidelity.com to see if we could accommodate the desired date/time. Thank you!


Ah thanks, there was one tho , i saw piks of a room full of vives and pcs on trolleys and such looked like a shop
. alpha user @Smokey_Bracken was just over there with a day to kill and had yet to try vr (they dont exist out of the bubble yet)
its kinda funny you want us guys to be involved come to this come to that
yet u open a shop and close it and dont tell us
u even move hifis entire location like 3 times and never bother to tell us
cos why would we be interested
god forbid u humanise the company :stuck_out_tongue:


The problem with HiFi is it has a road map rather than a metaverse design at this rate were going to end up with a road.
All bugs are known issues all ideas are on this secret road map.
I don’t get how something open source can at the same time have this cloak of secrecy thrown over it. Especially when these secrets when revealed seem to be let’s copy a feature from unity or


Thursday night roundtable meeting doesn’t work.
Put your hand up if you have a question
Puts up hand is ignored as the people who but in over and over .
Then a guy trying to interject a coment is castigated for interupting whilst michelle xaos flame seem to be immune from this
If you can’t or don’t know how to run a meeting please ask for help.
A system where the loudest are rewarded .Well politically u
You see where that got you.

I wont be putting my hand anymore I shall Just talk over people as seems to be the sucsessfull method.