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I will agree that a better way of being able to tell if someone actually has a question is a must. Jumping up and down or raising a hand only does so much. The self-made question app does sometimes help but because of the varying ways “to ask a question” I think a more official solution should be approached.

There's a question mark over my head!

During a class in AltSpace about holding events and meetings, they actually have a system that I tried to quickly mimic with the question app, where not only an icon is displayed over a user’s head (which I was able to quickly do), but a list of the users who have a question also populate in a master list (did not experiment with). This worked for both VR and desktop mode and I’m pretty sure working something out wouldn’t be too hard (minus the fact I have zero experience with the messaging server at the moment, so that isn’t helping matters).

This sort of thing has been brought up a few times during a few meetings (spotlight, sign, etc).

Not only that, but maybe zoning the entrance to minimize the sound from there to the outer area should be considered, maybe even bringing up a popup or a sign at the entrance zone saying “This is a meeting area. Be Respectful.” or something like that. The previous meeting was just a demonstration of disaster.


They need to decide if its a chat or a place to have questions answered.


I prefer the roundtable idea to piling up around the microphone in Zaru, but you absolutely have a point there - the Vive controller can get pretty heavy when it has to be hold up into the air user speech after user speech.

How about a talking stick?
Or - as tribute to Roundtable’s beautiful architecture - a talking ball? :purple_heart::8ball::sunglasses:
This could be passed from user to user, which would also prevent this akward back-to-pre-school feeling of having to compete for the teachers‘ (developers‘) attention in order to be allowed to talk.

Regarding the

it might be worthwhile to analyze why this didn‘t happen before we had all these talking rules (i.e. when the meetings where still in Maker with similar attendance numbers).
Maybe we had more respect towards each other because we were able to actually focus on listening to each other when we didn‘t constantly have to compete to get the word at all :thinking:


This in the middle of the round table could solve the issue:




:joy: …especially now as the roundtable itself is handled as a high security area teleporting everyone who dares to get to near to it to the shaming corner :purple_heart::x::sunglasses:


… and get attached such a hat:

( with an exception rule for Judas, since he kinda already have it in a natural way :wink: )


I was actually kinda surprised that they had Roundtable locked down until the stroke of the hour. Far as I understand it, this WAS supposed to be like the Open Meetings in SL, or like the Town Hall meetings of your local county government, where people can show up to learn about and discuss recent plans and decisions, and where the general residents would have an influence over those plans and decisions. I fear we may be moving away from that, at HiFi’s peril. 0o


Can you please email your concerns to somthing@highfidelity your ideas are valuable to us but allready on this secret road map you have heard tell of but havent seen.It does however contain everything you have ever sugested or even dreamed .
Tho i still cant understand for the life of me how the founders and creators of secondlife are so insecure in there first child they would rather look to vr chat for the blueprints on how to build vr.
Vr chat is garbage its success is down to that youtube guy and ugandan knuckles rather than anything original.
it will die on its arse once the users are asked to pay for anything


Ok the feature voting thing is up yay
But omg the garbage on it we need to get
Proper text chat not these half measure fixes
And a proper avatars system like second life or gta or all games not these overly complex external systems
People care how they look
With a few exceptions people are disappointed by HiFi avatars


Curious when high fidelity get the long promised and waiting custom keys and xbox controller setup The default is on the xbox controller for from logic.


Ok the feature voting thing is a child’s activity centre
2000 people can go wow that’s amazing we need vr mc vr face doesn’t mean it will happen
It’s doing exactly the same thing as worklist.com where an endless list of ideas were created.

What’s weird is on there is a request for gltf support which HiFi supports . Problem is our support isnt the same as the industry standards substance painter’s support . ( that even works in face book)

Yes I could have replied on there but I kinda feel if users do all the work then how is it different from the forum


Maybe the problem with vr is the users need to be on drugs.


I have the theory that cannabis might be good against motion sickness as it gives you a reason to feel dizzy & to embrace this feeling instead of trying to fight it off :purple_heart::peace_symbol::sunglasses:


say no it makes people call u dude wear tiedye


:joy: +20 characters


I freeze when i turn 360 in my domain
now its gotta be due to the amount/complexity of models in my domain
dont wanna start randomly deleting everything.
I want to know where i freeze turning in relation to the content

so i want a script to map my domain maybe looking at the coordinates in the domain list thingy
that looking down on the domain from above puts a dot where every mesh is
and a dot where i am maybe
so i can see if its directional, then i can stand in like 3 places and see if i can trianglate what ever’s causing the problem

then both cure the problem and learn somthing


So the Money trees turned sour
I was messaged and scolded for standing near the tree when i wasnt there
Like i was stealing food from peoples mouths.
That made me feel like not logging back in
I wonder if anyone else is being hassled for not doing the tree right
In my mind the tree was just a bit of fun not peoples job
Ya know


I’ll say it again: I think The Spot is not a great place to serve as the primary “general public” destination for high fidelity. What is fun in high fidelity is when there is a bunch of people hanging around using all the great tools that exist to build, rez stuff, goof around with materials, try to break things. I used to love the controlled chaos of the old welcome, it was exciting when the server would refresh every hour or so, wiping out all the funny stuff people would create and litter around the domain. Suddenly it’s a blank slate again, and everyone would start over. It was a nice combination of ‘veterans’ who knew how to do cool things and ‘noobs’ who could just sit back and watch all the fun (I was the ‘noob’ and these afternoons at the old Welcome were what got me hooked into the community).

So now, since The Spot is pretty but locked down (no rez rights), there’s nothing to do, so nobody gathers, so someone thought, maybe we can pay them to stand around and do nothing. Well, yes, we can talk to each other. But that’s not why Hi Fi is cool. It’s just so odd to me that the central gathering place in Hi Fi does not allow you to use or experience the magic that makes Hi Fi, well, Hi Fi.

Unlock the Spot! Bring back the old Welcome! High Fidelians deserve their Rez Rights!


I couldn’t agree more :purple_heart::woman_juggling::sunglasses:


No its not the complexity of your domain, and its not isolated to rotating, many times I have tried to make video in Hifi and I constantly get this problem, it doesnt matter how complex or simple the scene it will freeze from time to time, ruining any decent video pan. It also freezes from time to time when panning from side to side (Strafing using side-arrow/shift keys) or even flying in a straight line.
I have tried complex and simple scenes and it seems to regularly pause for a split second, and not in the same place but at quite regular intervals regardless of the complexity. However the duration of the pause seems relative to the complexity.

My experiments show, after one second then at every 5 seconds it will pause, regularly and reliably as if there is some kind of reset happening each 5 seconds.
It also pauses while loading but I wait until scene is fully loaded before doing tests.