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@Adrian long time no see! Have you tried this in an empty domain as well same result?


Hey Kev, I have been here lurking all the while. Havent said much the last couple of years and havent been to the events but I have been helping a few users with their projects on the qt. popping a few bits on the market and keeping Earth going.
Yeah I have thrown the obligatory rage quit a couple of times but never actually went away, just hid in the shadows hoping my pet bugs would be fixed.

A completly empty domain shows no sign of this “lag”, (for want of a better term) but its hard only having the distant horizon as a reference. But I introduced 6 boxes in a circle around me and yes, I get the regular lag as described above.


My observation in the past is that you seem to get hicups when rotating if mesh get loaded or in view range. And because there’s no lod. it tried to load big piles if content far away to you not see.

Is it possible the hicups or lag have something todo with the octree refresh , sorting etc. ?


Words of the day from @Richardus.Raymaker




yiu nit

i wanna t shirt with these :smiley:


Let me fix that.

Still not understand how people can be so in love with tablets or smartphones.

On top the high fidelity interface does not show you what you type on windows tablet because the keyboard is over the text you type.

ADD: did i say that the onscreen tablet gives the impression it not use the letter you press ?


This is helpful as we have a standard error. I would be interested to see if we went back a series of releases if the effect is the same. Perhaps it broke on a particular release?


my table in second life

same table in hifi see how the tops of the plank top look curved
I can fix this in high fi using edge split

then the market wont accept it cos it consideres it seperate meshes
i tried using edge crease
im calling it a bug


But edge split is so evil to use that i avoid it at all means.
Yes, i would call it a bug to, a long standing one.


Oh, that’s why my blocks have always seemed convex :face_with_monocle:

I liked this effect for my jewelry:

But what will happen if I need really plane planes for artistic expression, like with these GoogleBlocks Boots?

—> Please send us the Canny link @Judas so that we all can upvote this as a crazy bug :purple_heart: :game_die: :sunglasses:


by @MichelleKenobi :slight_smile:



(trying to reach 20 characters)


Mixed messages

I quite like the new clap thing*

But a few things bug me about it


Roadmap obviously the ability to clap at meetings was top of the canny road map project for some time so it was essential it was made to ensure the canny road map thing isn’t just one of those things with mirrors and bells u dangle over a baby’s cot. **


There was a ton of talk that hifi was about virtual reality and reproducing reality virtually.

How does this fit this is some strange gesture u make with your hands above your head?

In my mind clapping is something done by bringing your hands together.

This seems like a strange thing we will have to learn to do counter intuitively

Didn’t we already have a clap thing which worked like clapping.

If the reason for this half step is that the hand controllers are stupid and won’t let you clap

Than why are we introducing a fix rather than pushing for hand controllers that and bear with me here as I talk crazy, hand controllers that work like hands rather than stupid wandy things

*Michelle was so anti this idea from the very second that it was introduced without the benefit of letting anyone even try it that it must stay forever

It must stay even if we all grow to hate it because hating things we haven’t all given ago is the road to stupid

**I’m told Americans don’t get irony

So, I mean the opposite of this i.e. who asked for it? isn’t the canny thing all shaders and chat etc.


Puts this here to remind me to read it later
No snooping