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^liked this video may have been posted elsewhere jumping in at like 12.30 great hearing chris talking about stuff so enthusiastically :slight_smile:



spotted in hifi


Letting out some steam: My Full Feedback on Current State of High Fidelity

Haters gonna hate, imma just gona shake it off




I hadn’t realised hifi had stopped using it. But it explains some of the griefy based talk from some of the more experienced users.

Let me explain a little about the olden days in hifi

Hifi grew out of an older Philip project called coffee and power. This was in no real depth a way to allow people to get paid for work pre hifi. This grew as I understand it into worklist. Away for people to submit ideas for jobs around hifi and if the price and the idea was right, they would be paid to do the job.

If you had the skills and the talent you could effectively freelance for hifi and do very well out of it.

It became less functional as people possibly misunderstanding the function of it started to use it as a wish list. That’s actually good as we all have a list of wants. Hifi is still a small company and whilst I’m sure they all want sharks with laser beams using a neural network that plugs into your brain too hifi don’t have the workforce to make all your dreams come true immediately if you can’t make it for them. Here’s the rub even if you can make it for them independently, they may not consider it essential enough to fund. It might not fit the strategy.

Much like the end scene in lampoons Christmas vacation some users started to count on this income and when it was switched out to the jelly of the month, they became peeved and hostile.

However, if you go to worklist you can see exactly who was paid what and see for yourself if anyone was hard done to.

I think my experience in hifi so far has been amazing the highs and lows. I have learned so much here.

The community is growing, be like a cat and the proximity rule it uses tween restroom and bowl.



Out of interest has anyone else been whispered the rumour cash out before it’s too late?
Question at the Thursday meeting about HiFi closing makes me think there’s a whispering campaign happening
I know where I heard it from.

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avatars I made over 4 years ago in hifi lol from may 2014 on



this is my progression from 2016 :grin:



Its so engrossing to do, im not sure id quite descrbe it as fun. But it is all about practice and more practice.
still waiting on one of these tho



Is this serious? I certainly hope not.



Its possible that this “cash out before its too late” thing is someone trying to trigger a self-fulfilling prophecy. You know, one of those things where all the grocery stores suddenly run out of sugar purely because someone went about spreading the rumor that there was going to be a shortage of sugar, so everyone rushes out and buys up as much sugar as they can… generating a shortage of sugar. :smiley:

The question might ought to be: Who benefits? 0o

Who benefits if HiFi suddenly loses all its HFC simply because all those sugar-panicked people cash out all the HFC they can all at once? 0o Some other virtual world trying to catch up with where HiFi is, thinking they’ll win out if we suddenly lose some speed? o0



Closing Monday last chance to visit shop

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New plan?

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Hifi has lost faith in itself and its users
Philip at fridays meeting sounded like he has given up on it
If were really all costing 10k a month each
there is no way in hell that any of us or even all of us combined could pay one of those
either they are just spending up the remainder of the start up cash and closing
or they will sell it off to make cat food

Without the hifi domains I either stay home or have to brave the users who were all banned for being well like they were.
I choose to not mingle in those circles
so whats left?



I hate to be blunt but you’re dead wrong.

The numbers Philip gave indicate the company’s burn rate is actually very low.
Let’s say Philip was assuming 50 people, that’s only half a million per month, $6M, that’s IMO a really low burn rate for a company that has raised at least $70M and is six years old.

Philip is just trying to communicate to the the community the scale of growth needed to turn HiFi from a startup to an actual sustainable service.

I’ve said it in my thread about VR users: when there are 100x more users in here, you’ll start making money off your content.

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I dont think so. While the meeting was a little discouraging, and more than 200+ persons have watched the stream the reasons for change seemed sensible and there is probably an element of ‘let’s cut some server costs’ it all seemed more hard headed realism than an exit plan. I originally had a Digital Ocean account but dropped it and now run a location from my HD, which always seemed an essential part of the original mistress plan. Adaptation to circumstance

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Ceci n’est pas VR



The impression I got of why they were closing several of the officail HiFi-owned domains is they felt like people were congregating too much at THOSE… at, say, The Spot or at Help, and that no one was bothering to head to the other domains out there simply because it was too easy to just park themselves at The Spot out of habit… and so they wanted to pull this security-blanked away under the theory people would now find more incentive to go to the user-owned and user-run domains, and thus stop hanging out all in one place. Basically, they wanted to force us to spread out across the rest of the worlds and discover what the end users have done at their respective domains.

This MIGHT work, it might NOT. Mind you, I don’t think this is going to work ALONE, because something does need to add structure and guidance as to where TO go to in hifi after the company-owned domains are mostly out of the picture. I think they were assuming we the end users would work something out on our OWN as to where to channel the users to, and how to go about it.



So items bought from the market place dissapearing.
If you edit them at all change their size or colission shape they will vanish.
if you dont tweak them they will stay
bug/ feature who knows






Is this going to be fixed?
Or is the High Fidelity commerce system also being shelved in its current state as an experimental private one-node blockchain?