Going out Staying in Judas's Blog


… No people… not enough creator get attracted… no content created… no content…no people…


More content, maybe more people, to maybe attract more creator and get more content created to have more content then more people…

Is that going to work? Maybe… Maybe.

In french… “content” means “happy” :wink:
So people might be happy at the end of the process.


I was happy till i saw what people are getting paid to build here.Dont get me wrong hifi has been good to me with competitions and the like, but i could use some regular income from my building.
I only want to do what everone else seems to be doing
all there in black and white on worklist


I understand…

But this call to outsiders looks a bit like one of desperation.


mine or theirs?..


theirs :wink:


Being a fairly new HiFi person with almost limitless interest in what HiFi and the community is building - loved seeing your work Judas!


O.oi just drempt I had a fist fight with @Menithal Now I have no idea what menithal looks like in real life so I must assume i drempt about fighting a cartoon fox
What’s more annoying was he was in the right. I was probably playing hifi and I punched my keyboard breaking it he called me a f**** idiot which is when the fight started
No more cheese b4 bed lol


I wanna see a live enactment of this at the New Year’s Meeting :smiley:


We need an arena, for pillow fights. :wink:


Man I hate it when people grab my face as im logging in, especially as it takes like a minute to see other avatars at the moment.
Yay for the bubble
goin back on



Lol I do like what you did ask.
Stick to how you feel.


**Re Vr Chat **
Called it

us and sansar combined what 20 people
vr chat thousands


Here’s the publicity… I guess it is :wink:

This is eloquent.


this from 21.42 i dunno how to make it play from a time


I’m not sure why Sansar is going out of their way to attack VRC. Doesn’t seem too helpful for the good of the VR community. Yes, the majority of this user influx is from the younger generation and meme culture can be quite crude. Nonetheless, we live in a world where the Youtuber with the most subs thrives from the same content. This surge has happened so fast and I have no idea what it means for the future. My hope is that VRC will become more diverse than simply a meme generator. If that is all, then the whole thing would be extremely disappointing given the potential of the medium. Maybe this is like the beginnings of a Facebook or YouTube and eventually there will be something for everyone. Only time will tell.


Just a thought…
I wonder how it would be to work on a domain that is already published… with an army of clowns jumping and shouting all around. Maybe that will need an easy way to put a domain in “maintenance mode” with an access limited to the owner… (Can we already do that? I mean easily.)


As a developer of domains I hope someday generate lots of traffic, I have done as the hifi engineers have; a 1 to 1 replication server. This enables a “staging” server to mirror any expected changes prior to a live deployment. ymmv


N: It’s You…Isn’t it…:joy::rofl: "Tension sheets million dollar idea !:joy: …Now I’m hooked on this show thanks Judas. I think I will play table golf tomorrow !


Is easy a matter of the user skill level


So I had a why didnt I know that in Blender moment yet again
auto packing uv Islands has a dont rotate the islands option
F6 after you do pack islands
really handy if you dont want your wood grain all messing up
yay blender