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Idiot Wind
You’re an idiot, babe
It’s a wonder that you still know how to breathe

We are at a crossroads
A choice we always had but still an important choice has to be made
Do we lead, or do we follow?
I’m seeing a shift toward following. The cries of let’s be more like VR Chat.
Stupid is always popular but doesn’t mean it’s a good choice for anyone
And I can’t seem to think of a good cultural example to express this phenomenon :blush:
And um
If once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you, it will
Do we want to be a vr based on memes and nicked assets?
Or do we want to focus on cutting edge innovation
"Is the dark side stronger?" Yoda: "No, no, no. Quicker, easier, more seductive”
Yoda may have a point here
I think we should hold steady our rudder focus on the interface tek and less on look at me look how popular the grass on the other side is…
If we want instant popularity we could just go with the “come to hifi for free sex with slutty women”
But I don’t think that would do us any favours in the long run. Would be immediately popular fer sure
But then think are those the people you want to spend eternity with
Wanna know the way,I’ll show you the way.


I definitely go for

:purple_heart: :desktop_computer: :rocket:

And I think we should promote what HiFi shines at:
Nowhere it feels so good to be in VR! :purple_heart: :sunglasses:

A little “sex sells” probably wouldn’t hurt neither (never forget - it was porn which made even the technologically inferior VHS an industry standard for 30 years).
But I guess our geeky community’s slut factor isn’t high enough to sustain that (yet) & I don’t know how much I want it to grow into this direction as - of course - with eroticism there’s always the risk of opening a Pandora’s Box…


I guess that Pandora’s box is a rigged FBX… Ah that’s why I can’t open it in Blender :wink:


I don’t think you are forced to choose lead or follow. You can do both. Learn what you can from the other platforms and follow the things that work while still pushing your own unique vision forward. You can’t insulate yourselves from “stupid”. If your platform becomes popular, you will take on everyone. When they do come, hopefully the platform is smart enough to get the users to the content and experiences they want. There is something appealing about an ivory tower metaverse but it doesn’t seem like a very good business model.


Its fortunate hifi remains impenetrably complex to use or we would allready be knee deep in the asshats


I also eschew the Ugandans.


I have seen the last weeks many screenshots from hifi.
And everytime , especiakly now i have seen screenshot from VRchat. I have that tasteless feeling.

Why is high fidelity trying to look like VRchat ?
Can high fidelity not have better graphics ? Why all the cartoon style avatars and buildings.

It does not make high fidelity shine.
Yes the VR side is good. But without good graphics it’s still looking poor. Not to talk about prices to use hifi. It’s pretty high.

Am not sure if you can sell stuff without expensive POP license.

Anyway. Fix the graphics, and desktop interface ! and font size in lot’s of tablet options.


The official Blender release is now being downloaded over 16K times per day, half a million times per month, for a total of 6.5 million times last year.
I cant find a stat for downloads of the unity platform. There stats seem to cover well this app was made with it so we shall count that

The point im making is the users of hifi ask the devs for a Blender plugin to ease the transition of getting stuff from there to here
and then we get a Unity plug in that no one asked for
to make us more like vr chat
why dont you guys just marry vr chat if you love it so much
really u have a pile of money just buy it

Im looking at this thinly veiled thats nothing 2 do with us offensivly titled avatar store
and I see you guys sitting back goin ok we have the funny avatars and that one with the meme we can just sit back and watch all those people come here instead.
they wont because vrchat is cool and were not
proof of this is calling things cool old people trying to be relevant use cool. A mum trying to get a kid to wear somthing calls it cool.
its like 11 am here sunday morning and im looking at nearly 3 people online counting the bot at morty and the one at rust
and deep down we know those both belong to the same person

im gonna say it again
Im going to say it once again til I instill it
I know I’m going to feel this way until you kill it
people wont use hifi untill hifi can be used for anything
all its used for is standing around goin, man when vr is ready its gonna be amazing
its not enough


Thanks for being my id, @Judas.
I am faithful to HiFi, I have visited Sansar and VRChat, and, and…

I just gotta say. HiFi is hard to use.

I have a mediocre domain, with two of my favorite transportation forms—a canal and a funicular—and, all I want is to be able to do some simple pathfinding, movement, to animate my build.
People keep telling me it’s easy, but if it was easy, I would have done it.

Please look at making things easier to do. It’s NOT cool to have to “brag” that I did this despite the challenges. The people with whom I speak want to make things work. A lot of that can be built in.

I love High Fidelity. Let me love it.


I can’t say cool anymore without outing myself as uncool?
How uncool is that?!!

Okay - back to super cool HiFi:

I think we are on a good track:

  • The ThaPhlash parties are always a blast!
  • FlightNights are big fun!
  • The Workshops are ingenious!
    (i.e. they have saved me 1000s of Tuiton Fees I would have had to pay if I’d tried to gain the same amount of knowledge IRL in Europe)

Let’s promote these events even more to the “outworld”!

And if we don’t want people to just stand around in the meantime - we should motivate them to participate.
How about:

  • A PoetrySlam or StandUpComedy Night
  • A Karaoke Night
  • A JukeBox or DJ Night in which users can request their favorite songs
    (i.e. more Punk Rock for me & my pucks please :metal:)
  • “Guess what I’m drawing/sculpting” employing the Fingerpaint or Shapes App
  • FlightNight as an Arcade Game (with leaderboards to be entered with a name of one’s own choice)
    –> people like to compete, even if it’s just against themselves
  • a monthly Soccer Match for puck-owners (with Cheerleading Animations for non-puck-owners)

Furthermore I’d love to see the Geek Talks @philip introduced a year ago reanimated.
The talk with Fred Ehrsam was stunning as was the one with Robert Scoble!
We definitely should get more of these Nerd Rockstars & Artists onto Zaru’s stage!
How about:

As a conclusion I’d like to state that I never ever want HiFi to become VR Chat!
VR Chat shines in memes and silly jokes.
High Fidelity shines in the really cool areas.
So let’s not try to copy something which is alien or repellant to us!
But let’s try to concentrate on and promote what we are good at: physics and smart people & content :purple_heart::sunglasses:


Yes but all this stuff is very secondlife, if were really all about those things theres tons of people doing them inthere
stands by the hifi should be more like powerpoint argument

imagine for example if we coudl use hifi to communicate with eachother and share stuff.
even the developers use slack to work


As I’ve visited SL only once I’m not really capable of making my mind up about this point…

But I love being in VR in HiFi :purple_heart::sunglasses:

And I love doing stuff (ACTIONS!) inworld!!

We got so many of these offered to us (Shapes, Fingerpaint, HackySack, Longbow, Flying, etc. pp.).

But most of the time we end up standing around doing geek small talk.

That’s why imho it’s a good idea to prompt people to participate in actions or games.
I.e. to set certain (monthly) dates for something to happen.

Take Burning Man as an example:
I doubt it would work if there wasn’t so much “preaching” about participation being one of the most important ingredients for a mindblowing experience.

Our community is committed to a radically participatory ethic. We believe that transformative change, whether in the individual or in society, can occur only through the medium of deeply personal participation. We achieve being through doing. Everyone is invited to work. Everyone is invited to play.
We make the world real through actions that open the heart.

A “Wheel of Fortune” installation would rot in the dust there if it would just stand there by itself.
But if you have somebody inviting people to spin it even such a simple entertainment device draws long lines and people are having a blast PARTICIPATING in the game!


like this ?



more like this :wink:



This. As a creator new to actively using Hifi, trying to figure out materials is driving me up a wall. Properly exporting them to avoid a metallic sheen is driving me up a wall. Something that perhaps directly exports to KTX and Draco would be cool.

While I have no data on who may or may not have asked for this, it seems like a cool feature. But it is putting the cart before the horse. How do many of us who do use Unity create assets for it in the first place? Blender.


a blender hifi plugin to take pbr from the brand new eevee directly to hifi, we would be burried in Builders of all levels
Unity we would just see people shoping on unity and bringing stuff over from there
But that woudl mean we nolonger need a hifi currency
plus we then be compelled to develop only for unity and then well vr chat has all the users
we can all go over there sell to those people.



yes i simply fail to understand why HiFi doesn’t embrace Blender … maybe there are technical issues idk but open source and free you have to ask?


Without a share in the world

Much discussion about what’s important and what’s not
I was thinking about things to do
what can I do here?
Well what do people do anywhere on the interwebs?
I think a lot of it comes down to what we can share
If you look at how people communicate socially online the big sites faceybook you’retube pornbewb redditallready
These all about sharing existing content with friends and strangers and collegues
Its kinda difficult to do in Hifi
We want to share links with each other
does this sound familiar to you? " do you have chat running so i can post a link? no wait ill load it
do you have it loaded
pastes link
awkwardly copy pastes link into a external browser…
this stuff needs to be elegantly implemented in world.
I want to drag a webpage from my tablet out to you so u can see the photo of the kitten I just found
or a video of a kitten falling over sideways. I want to play you a cool song I just found, i want us to all hear it at the same time
I want to do the PowerPoint presentation to my colleagues in world where we all see the same thing
I don’t want to have to install external anything or web socket this port forward that

sharing and collaboration and emotes
for the desk top users they should be able to drag an image from a webpage into the hifi window and it display for people to see as simply as we can upload a mesh to the atp


Pleeeaaaase give us an inworld jukebox :purple_heart: :musical_score: :sunglasses: