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Copy Cut Paste on the tablet keyboard would be already a start.


Still with one feet in High Fidelity. It still, does have strong good things. And things that need a repaint.

Meanwhile i looked at my draft items. and i screwed the assets. :slightly_frowning_face: I need to try to find the assets back and restore some thing to put it back for free. Need to test it first then.

This Also points at a very weak thing in high fidelity.
Something what just did happen with hippo in Secondlife.
If the owner pulls the plugs to the asset space. It’s gone.

Only shame that the did remove the asset names from the marketplace. Makes it extreme difficult.


Inspired by the one and only Judas … Piper’s Pasty Barm.



It’s carbohydrate hell for you!!!


Yet to try these, but i thought id post it here so i dont forget to look


(note, http://www.cc0textures.com/home ) :slight_smile:


I just made a how to upload things to the market tutorial that I can follow


Nice one Judas, you legend.


Market up to experience
I Have set myself a challenge of trying to upload 1 new thing to the market every day
Quick things ill sell for 1$ 100hfc things that should been quick but turned tricky will be $2
I don’t know if anyone will buy anything, but I know they won’t if I don’t upload anything to it.
Ill preface this rant by saying I know the market isn’t complete and its work in progress
It’s all ideas
Firstly, as the creator of my own assets do I really have to buy them to get the url I should have made a note of at the time?
I don’t want hifi to have a web-based market but know for now it needs one, it needs better tagging of items. I listed a telephone, if I search phone I find nothing. Do I really have to call it phone telephone sex lesbians beer, so people can find it?
I want to do all my shopping in world…
We talked about the loading times at the avatar market. Fill a location with 2 much stuff and u can really bog down the system.
I want every location that hosts anything purchased from the market to be a store
As I mentioned many years ago here I want to buy the shirt of your back.
Then I thought about second life bloggers who lovingly produce photos of many creations built into a scene with a big long list below explaining where you can buy the things.
Imagine they could just link to a json file we could download and upload back to hifi that gives us an itemised list of everything in the scene to purchase individually and collectively, including the option to buy it all and have it build out in front of u in your own domain. Thinks that would be cool.
That thought led me to think what if there was a thing like the edit tools for locations you don’t have build rights. That will allow you to select groups of items as scenes to buy complete- subject to them being on the hifi market.
Uploading to the market.
I want to be able to select all the models in my domain that I’m hosting as a scene
Export the json , upload the json to the market and the market will pull in all the assets from the urls and bake everything for me


Super great feedback. My difficulty is with wearables.
I made some, and then gave up trying to get them to the marketplace.


Yes people will buy stuff, we have been given free play money so we will play with it.
No you dont have to buy them, as owner you can “plop” them whenever you want.
Yes we will always have to use the word sex to get any interest in our junk (no pun intended). But seriously maybe we can have a meta tag inclusion so people can abuse the words free beer when selling phones.
I dream of a time where the avatar store system can be extended to suit all marketplace items, where the owner can host his/xor/her stuff on their own domain in a virtual store. So we can “tap and go”.
My shirt is not for sale. But I like your thinking (is that how you get girls to take their top off?).
Uploading to the market is cumbersome, but some nice guy made a video and made it that much easier to understand, (for Fran) maybe the same nice guy will make a video about uploading wearables to the marketplace too.
And dont forget my pony, I have been asking for years now.


I havent tried wearables. But if its like caytlin demonstrated using a script, then u would
need to upload the scripts to the market then use the url of that uploaded script in the wearable object then the json referances everything from the market
o.o im worried i spent 2 long exposed to thoys


I read the instructions and I get what is needed. I just can’t make it happen
Gotta go to the psych hospital now. Yeah. That’s where I work.


My idea to share media
i want 3 bands8 or 9 sided around me in a circle invisible to you but not to me
the middle band is my private media band where i can surf the net watch videos and do reddit
the top band is my public band . If i swipe a private page up it becomes public then you can see it
the bottom shuffle band is so you can re arrange the pages in the middle band to different orders…
maybe the shuffle band could display scrolling messages text chat or whathave you
what do you think?
nb this prototype cost me 18 million dollars to produce so be kind :slight_smile:


The shuffle band probably isn’t necessary if you can drag-and-drop a pane onto the border between two other panes and it opens a space and inserts it there (closing the old space behind it). Unless you want to support a fixed number of panes and explicit empty panes.


Since they’re invisible to everyone else what does pubic band do?


Must be for porn :wink:


suppose someone builds this into a thing and then you go all up in arms about it being your idea. valid. i get that its funny to label things ‘million dollar ideas’ but if you don’t have the means to put them into production, what kind of compensation is needed so your request can be fulfilled? Puts guys like me in a bind. I want to provide many things the people keep asking for. Many of you have really good ideas. I can’t do you all a favor by building them into a product to have you all turn on me and ask for million dollars after-the-fact. Further, when I try my damnedist to generate useful information via the POLL system here in the forum, I get like 10 resutls - 2 of which are typically mine. So… what’s a company to do?


So tell me… what’s it worth to ya? :stuck_out_tongue:


You know the guy who invented the ringpull got a % of everone sold
what we have is the chicken egg catch 22 thing
we need all this stuff for hifi to be functional enough to use.
my dream is to quit the day job and do this stuff
I dont wanna sweat the small stuff but equally I dont wanna be they guy who was the drummer b4 Ringo

so 1% of nothing is nothing of a billion dollars is beer money :smiley: