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Enjoyed lastnights builder meetup.
But at the end of it my pc hung not even capslock would work
I logged on this morning in the same location and it did it again
I relogged to my sandbox keeping my existing settings and it is all fine again
Im wondering if the new materials thing may be having some side effects
Anyone else had a problem? over near where the maker meeting was


So far i only noticed that high fidelity not seems super smooth. Need to test on other domains. It’s a bit like low secindlife framerate feeling. It’s not smooth compared to sansar where you look at lot’s of content.

If i try to look around, with the right mouse button. because the dud not put it on the xbox controller. Am shooting in all directions. When i compensate i shoot the other way. It seems to be triple worse when ci tent is loading. really thump down on that. People would call it lag. something i nto see in secondlife.

What domain you have problems ? like to check it.


I just can comfirm that something like this just did happen for me on “maker”. I where done. so i click [X] and really the whole pc froze.
So i decided to press short the power button for a shutdown. That killed the application but it did bring windows back to live without restart.


Try if i can l can life with 1768x992 screen resolution instead of 1920x1080 It make things just a bit better readable.

Problems is always , if it’s good in one program you get problems in soem other. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Mabye a bit frustrated.

I have some idea. That would work perfect with high fidelity. One problem is solved. in the edit tool. But the font problems and readability is now holding me back.


i coded this using my mind so i havent tested it only carved it in stone on a high mountain
input type=“button” value=“Increase Font Size 100px” onclick=“increaseFontSizeBy100px()”>
p id=“a”>Font Size

input type=“button” value=“Increase Font Size 1px” onclick=“increaseFontSizeBy1px()”>
p id=“b”>Font Size by 1 Pixel

function increaseFontSizeBy100px() {
document.getElementById(‘a’).style.fontSize = “100px”;
function increaseFontSizeBy1px() {
var font = document.getElementById(‘b’).style.fontSize;
this will not work but would could a script be done to make fonts big?isnt a coder
is it posible to make font big using science?


Time flies
We should have a alphas party sunday, get together and complain about things.


Depends on the time.
And i want to complain about that party is not good to complain about things. :rofl:


Can Betatesters join the party too?
Or do we still have to crawl up the pyramid?
:purple_heart: :bridge_at_night: :sunglasses:


Welll i asked @thoys he wasnt sure if he woudl be allowed in :smiley:


yes of course
we so need to make none alphas stand at the back lol :stuck_out_tongue:
im picturing it happeng at a totally empty domain with everone in the little robot avatar just floating
wonders if anyone has a copy of the hq club we could use

not sure anyone has the skills to remake that


Thank you so much for accepting us Betas!!
I’ll gladly stand in the back and also will clear out all barnicles manually while you holy Alphas can have yet another upsucker in an even older domain :purple_heart: :business_suit_levitating:t2: :sunglasses:


haha yeah Id be up for that Judas, depends on the time as i might be off somewhere celebrating Jesus laying an egg.


Its not even possible to remake that domain anymore, it was completely made out of Voxels, and in todays Hifi there is no such thing as voxels as they once were. We would have to use primitive entities. Lets take a little trip down memory lane…Happy cake day to I dont know how many thousand users.

Yes April 1st is all the Aniversaries of Hifi.
High Fidelity was founded in April 2013 by Second Life founder and former CEO Philip Rosedale, Ryan Downe, and Freidrica Heiberger.

(I believe) The official start of the closed Alpha program April1st 2014 but there were pre alpha users logging in before this date.

April 1st 2015 Open Alpha announced

February 2016 Open Beta was Trumpeted for April but I couldnt find an official post for the 1st, but it was in April 2016 On 27th April 2016 the High Fidelity Twitter account announced that High Fidelity is now in Open Beta.

Yep, hard to believe open beta was 2 years ago.


Try to find my name in the lidt, but search ot really helpfull. @how did you search.
Also the dates are not the registration dates.


Sigh. I didn’t make the cut.
I wonder how many of those original Alphas are still around?
If all of them were, it would be a pretty crowded metaverse.



Point at @thoys:grin:



I know, but there’s no search on that page.
Also, i tried to go to the end. It’s only showing 2016