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Rust Never Sleeps
The Audio at Rust isn’t working
The djs volume cant be adjusted so people cant talk to eachother
There are audio zones around the edge of the club where the music is quieter
but people are just muting the dj to talk because they can’t get a ballence between chat and music.
For me this turns what should be a great event into a sham.
I want to enjoy both the music and the conversation at the same time.
Possibly the solution would be alot more audio zones
If the dancefloor attenuated the music in steps from barley audable to loud at the back of the club, people would natrually congragatre toward the front of the club and be able to choose the volume that best suits their taste. This would also look better.
A Similar audio issues were discussed at soliloquy.How can the audience be heard by the performers without it detracting from or even griefing the performers.
One thing discussed by @Menithal was creating a script to automatically mute anonymous avatars.Broadly speaking they are the ones unaware they have their mics open .

I want to listen to music , I want to chat, it needs to be better because its worth getting right


I think more would still be around if high fidelity would have fixed and implemented better desktop support and a text chat system way sooner then next year. And it still need to be implemented or fixed.
I did a one year break. and really there’s only one thing improved.

The UI for desktop need to be build still to.
The tablet is really not a functional solution.

We can now move and rotate entities normal.

Also, internet bandwidth is a problem for many.
And there’s the problem that people cannot rent a server or something like that. Because the not have enough bandwidth at home. And no linux is to difficult.


I did a one year break. and really there’s only one thing improved.
We can now move and rotate entities normal.

im going to get a tshirt with that on it :smiley:


Ok., there’s HFC now.
But does that help if the UI is not good enough or people cannot have a place to build ?


April 1st How things have changed

4 years

Some things you never get use to

miming to mi mates hugely prophetic song (my first hifi video)

me thoys and chris going crackle

Still smiling


Back at you.


Ready player one Judas review
The future of VR is running around shooting things
That’s a disappointing vision
Overly long battle sequences where nothing really happens
A cast of characters I only related to because I read the book
It seemed to remove most of the vision of vr stuff
It also removed huge swathes of the plot to make it pacier
As a story its still more or less Charlie and the chocolate factory
There’s still this disjoin in vr Movies between the technology and what you see the people doing in it
I don’t get how at one moment he’s on that treadmill thing then he’s flying
Chill Judas it’s just a movie
Sure but if everyone whose running about is on a treadmill then why were the people running around in real life on the streets in the big battle scene. Wouldn’t they just be slamming into walls and stuff.
I’m an episode into kiss me first, a vr based series on c4 in the uk
I’m undecided about that 2 but I shall stick with it and see how it goes.
RP1 was an ok movie, very hyped I doubt it will set the metaverse alight with new interest
I guess we must figure out how to make it less boring ourselves


damn i have good ideas


A fight about flow bones and that we had them first

I was just chatting about the flowbones explaining as I was told that we had them first
After a bloody fight that lasted many hours

Frisby showed me this in sinespace

HIFI what do you have to say for yourselves :smiley:


Sinespace wasn’t first either.

Jigglebones are nothing new. Source Engine (Half Life 2, CounterStrike, etc) had them and that’s an engine from 2003.

Arguing literally over +15 year old tech :sweat_smile:

Now of course if you’re only talking about social VR platforms, Adam Frisby is right but this is like arguing “We had a game engine first.” Like VRChat, Sinespace started with an already-complete, fully mature game engine (Unity) from day #1. High Fidelity did not. Pointless argument.


I think were talking vr

defination anything played wearing a television hat
which i know gets the sl people going no but we’re vr 2
but for the purpose of the revinue rasing train is what were all on about

but im sure at the meeting where they gave the demo there was some element of
“no one since the dawn of time has ever had bones a dangelling somthing”


I’m so excited that hifi won’t be on oculus go
We’re still not on the oculus market
Are we waiting to see if vr chat does it first


I have order a Oculus Go 32 GB yesterday.
I bet on this range:
first Altspace VR
second VRChat

The winner is Altspace VR, it s was fine to see the app in the Store.
It s was the first app they I have install on the Go.

So far I have fun with the Go all smooth as well.


I have launched High Fidelity from inside the Oculus Home. Is it true they are not on the Oculus Marketplace? Hmm… weird. I wonder how I got it there.


apps you have loaded appear in the recent items, i also get firefox showing up there


Rich or Poor
There is a split of ideals between the two main vr competitors
Vive has gone expensive hi-tek and oculus has gone cheap low tek
I have banged on for some time that in order for vr to become mainstream
It needs to appeal to normal people, not us bunch of freakish early adopters and hardcore gamers types.
I was impressed with Mozilla’s Hubs, it doesn’t do much now but what it does do is accessible. It works in browser it works on my phone its limited as all these attempts at vr in that all anyone seems to be able to do is stand around and chat to strangers.
I would be happier about Facebooks presentation of the new Oculus if I wasn’t convinced they are made of evil and would steal my soul if they could.
Their ideas are aimed at normal people and seem to utilize many of the things I have called for to deaf ears. Social synced video easy sharing of photos, sporting events and theatre.
We can and have been able to do most this stuff in hifi, just not out of the box. Normal people really struggle in hifi, we don’t all share the coding powers of the gods.
Were not going to be available on the Oculus Go, the mobile version of hifi is on a phone I don’t have,
Waving our hands around going we did this first doesn’t matter if someone does it best.


another idea for the garbage pile
u cant make exact poly shapes dynamic

so no making one of these lol


The line
Legal illegal the grey stripe
Downloading assets
If you can see it, you downloaded it already, it’s on your pc
You don’t have to click a button
At some point the line will have to be drawn into the HIFI engine
That line will be in or out no more anonymity.
If its not hosted on the market, then you have no guarantee of providence no worrying that you’re being forced to download illegal content.
Can you imagine what HIFI would be like if it had an only show market place items?
No derogatory works or fan art, no looks a bit likes a, no music no YouTube vids no crime
Sounds horrible a fun less walled garden for nice sensible people.
Ofc there is a solution
Maybe it exists maybe it doesn’t, sorta’ does for tv.
We need an all you can eat subscription model
For only $4.99 all games and assets within are free to use
The creators get their cut
And the users can just get on with using.
Imagine if all game assets from everywhere were uploaded into I don’t know crypto thing that identified everything.
Then this walled garden gives you an appealing option you can buy individual items, or a subscription
Now there’s a thought.
HIFI could do this. All the virtual worlds should get on board all the games companies also.
Maybe that’s the plan we have JanusVr and Somnium Space on board. I dunno the details
Interesting times


Hum… How would you calculate the cut of each creator?

I think it’s all about the prices you put on things.
and to who the things are sold, and for what purpose.


I have no idea, how does netflix or um spotify do it?I kinda think people dont do the right thing because its 2 difficult so they cant be bothered
if u think how people use to steal music now dont cos they just subscribe