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As fond as I’d be of a subscription model as a user - as afraid I’m of it as a creator!
Netflix and Spotify both have a very bad reputation for paying big money to the big studios, whereas little / independent filmmakers and musicians get next to nothing for their work.

For me the Proof of Provenance concept works fine.
I don’t care about kids ripping my content (which they’ll always do - disregarding how complicated it might be) and I’m happy if honest users pay for my creations.
What would get me furious though is if somebody else would be making money with my creations - which I now can more easily fight off in court by having my PoP Licenses as evidence.


ok what if janus and somuummanum had acess to our mp and visa versa


The reality is more someone that won’t money but offer your product for free.

And we can’t be surprised that it could happen when we think that for an Indian, the price are 11 time too expensive compare to a US user.


If he wouldn’t get anything in return for it at the end of the day, I’d be fine.
But if it would help him to market his own brand / domain / event (et al.), thus generating revenue for him —> I’d definitely sue!
And this is where the PoP License system comes in really handy.


Personally I prefer not have too much expectation. This will work inside HF and this is a good thing. But we might one day find our models in another VR world.
Also, sue someone at the other end of the world might be complicated and costy.
This is how internet goes.
Expensive things will be the first targets.
we might have to re-evaluate the price of our creation an see the rentability on a longer term.


Agrees I don’t think there’s much hurry at the moment ,I’m buying and selling stuff on the market as the variety improves it’s only getting better
Tho I wish we has sitscripts like second life
I’d make way more furniture


The Oculus Go is pretty good! It would be terrific to have a version of High Fidelity for it. I’m working on educational uses for the Go because it’s in a sweet spot of standalone, price point, and performance.


Wow, me too, but in Behavioral Health.
I have a Go, and would love to see HF in there. VRChat is there.


Let’s connect soon! I am also working on a project on Immersive Tools for Autism and Music Education. Very interested to learn about what you’re doing.


Today i got a feeling that am a ship on the sea. But without working engine or steering. Complete aimless.


is a little like this


A white page ? Yes that’s pretty close to.


its old u need flash thats different from thaphlash


Oh, well i stopped using absolete flash. Not install it anymore. Already sad that microsoft still install that default in edge.

pasting link in edge.
Lol, that’s abit the same as the humor in cartoon on TV about some TV channels. :grin:

Yes that is how VR worlds feel.


It’s ironic to have built a scene that is some ruins lost in a desert… and realize that there is no one to visit it.

Next time I will build it in town :wink:


visited ur domain the other day, got lost in the caves, nearly had to call to be rescued o.o


I’m sure you met nobody… :wink:


not a soul, its how i know im in hifi :smiley:


Yeah… but only if you can see you arms :wink:


It’s not good enough
I’m told that a person can change their ip address and hardware id easily.
To the point that there is no way to ban a person from a virtual world.
That isn’t good enough.
@philip asks us to Imagine a virtual world with a billion people in it.
Now imagine a virtual world with no security from a vulnerability like this.
Judas just lock your domain, just add your friends.
But I’m paying for a place name. I want people to come and explore my world.
But like the pub landlord when trouble happens shouts “get out your barred!”
I deserve, we all deserve a better system of security.
I should not feel like I don’t have control of my domain when its open.
How to fix this issue isn’t my problem.
To quote the Matrix move “Do you think that’s air your breathing?”