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„Easily“ is always a matter of relation.
For the end user changing their IP / machine ID is probably as difficult as it is for the average drunk jerk to get back into that pub once he got the bouncer‘s boot.
But for streetwise thugs using lock pick or their fists IRL is probably as easy as using their geek fu on IPs / IDs is for professional griefers in VR.
We‘ll never get rid of dedicated troublemakers - neither in VR nor IRL.
So imho a stable & easy domain backup system - maybe combined with a blockchain based jurisdiction is the way to go :purple_heart::sunglasses:


No not good enough
If this crypto stuff can provide absolute proof of authenticity of purchace
I want the same thing applied to users.
I have had enough of malicious people hid behind a wall of anonymity
I should be able to block them, without blocking visitors

“We‘ll never get rid of dedicated troublemakers - neither in VR nor IRL.”
why not in vr,we are building the world deciding the rules, the gravity things dont have to fall down


I haven’t heard a single one of Philip‘s crypto talks in which he hasn’t put big emphasis on how cool it is that identity can be stored on the blockchain.
So I guess it‘s in the works.
Once we have a blockchain based Proof of Identity it won‘t be a problem to admit only identity-proven users into a domain resp. ban them from it based on their identity or anonymity.


i wanna play this in hifi
i was looking at people going we shoudl have beatsaber in here
nah this would work the same but be way better
make it so fanks


Minimum spec.
I was reading a complaint about hifi that it didnt run on their pc correctly that sansar vr chat etc all ran fine but not on hifi.
Their graphics card fell below both hifis and oculus’s minimum spec.
I get accused of being a troll alot so I pointed out the minimum spec thing and left it at that
I want to know other views on the subject of minimum spec.
Are the devs interested in product failure on sub minimum hardware?
How should we feel about telling a person who bought a computer in the last few months that it will never run hifi.
I allways feel guilty telling people.
I have a friend also with a macbook air, that wont run hifi.With apple soon ditching open gl , what does that mean for hifi do we use that?


We come along way baby
We have many miles to go
Here’s what HIFI needs building into to it to be successful and useful.
Work and play both on and offline require a fundamental set of tools to which none of the virtual worlds seem to have bothered with. They have partly here and there but largely they are absent.
Until we have these things and by have them I mean they need to be built in simple to use hifi will be forever another second life clone.
My understanding of next gen vr has changed as we developed. My understanding of how these things are built and designed has also changed. Also, the competition has grown and developed.
These worlds are largely standardising, they all have pretty much the same features. Its no wonder they are all so boring really. What we have created here is a game that has no gameplay.
The key to success in my opinion is to understand what social VR is for
If the point is to stand talking to strangers, this we can do, but its limited fun, and self-destructive. Put a bunch of people in a room with nothing in common but VR headsets and the conversation quickly dries up .
Let’s look at the most popular none VR experiences on the web.
These sites are all about finding and sharing information and accusation
Those are fundamentally important both for business and social activity.
We can’t do any of that shit
This is why we have no userbase. The handful of users and developers we do have all gone to discord slack the forum skype Facebook etc. Because these platforms give the users what they want.
For some yet unexplained reason we are ignoring the users’ needs. We don’t even know who HIFI is targeting as its userbase.
This wont end well if we can’t answer that question.


Successful VR seems to:

  • not care about being overly realistic
  • doesn’t have anything to do with a club or classroom
  • basic game focused (pong anyone?)
  • physics melee swinger or shooter based
  • multiplayer secondary

What I want to play

  • Fallout 4 VR
  • More like that
  • that’s it


What sucsessfull vr?
vr chat is hovering around 5k users monthly
Fortnight is around 40 million not vr
hifi has about 10 not million
11 if richardus quits sansar again :smiley:


OK successful-ish then? That newer beaty swordy one, SUPER HOT SUPER HOT was … yes super hot. Gorn is always a party pleaser… just wait, flappy bird VR is next. Accounting (VR) is a very funny moment and is not at all realistic.

Pavlov VR holds its own for multi shooter ala counter strike, and VR redubs of classic big budget franchises are inevitable and truly not that bad.

We already live in a social/digital matrix for all intents (except those living in actual tents) that the social layer on top of VR digital experience is like VR within VR within VR, a layer of abstraction that is just way to post modern for alot of people…


People need to be here for a reason.
if you find a good one, let me know.
This is why most of the places (if not all) in HF, Sansar and VRchat are “been there done that”

For sure the reason that make many people to get in a same place seems to be simply “because there are some people”.
This is quite clear if you go on VRChat, many relatively good place are empty and some other are always crowdy.

VR is also tough to sell… as selling color tv to people having Black and white ones. Non initiate can’t really figure what VR is truely. So they prefer to watch the back of their avatar on a flat 2d screen in SL, because they can’t really figure what it is to be really there. :wink:

I would like to complain… and get frustrated and leave… but frankly to go where else? :wink:

Still searching to give a reason to people to be in my domain…


Another simple calculation… if every body has a worlds. How many people will be in your world in average… I suspect that the stat will be around average of 1.
So the chances that a visitor says “damn it, this is a total desolation in Hifi, there is no body in most of the worlds” risk to be high.

Is there a way to break this effect in order to start the chain reaction that won’t happen in this current absence of density?


Its all about the basics
with out the ability to text chat share links share images share music share picks of kittens, watch movies listen to music all together
its like we have to go next door to visit the toilet
people will never stay here when they have to leave to do anything
its chicken egg meets Maslow
i really hope the hifi demographic isnt based on people with a grudge against secondlife


Share image is practically working… in Desktop mode… you can drag from web browser to in world and it generate an image entity. (I discover that accidentally)

Would be fun to be able to share things like that as grabbable objects: URL and Video in addition of images.

Can’t say from where people might come from. For sure SL people would already figure the concept.



Yes, it’s on hold again.
There’s just lot’s missing.

But one of the bigger reason s that hifi and sansar share in some way.
The desktop user interface is terrible. Especially the font and font size or colors. If you not make a good desktop Ui. hifi have more work on that part then sansar And make it readable. You cannot build or create things. And if building and creating is difficult. there’s nothing to see or do.

Still, high fidelity have a few strong points at the vr side and creation side. because things work realtime.that is much better. But not usefull without good desktop side.

But with clothing avatars and content it feels hufi runs a bit behind. Not fair compare. because sansar have more people and pro’s

I planned this morning to look at the high fidelity sandbox to confirm and check some content protection.

What high fidelity need todo. Drop the tablet from desktop mode. And convert it to normal windows with a good color contrast and font. Also make the windows optional floating so it support more monitors. And remember the positions.

Am curious if running your own server in high fidelity is cool. But is it not the weak part to ? Many people not want to bother about installing and running servers. The just want to use a platform !


Small speedbump in “Let’s do a quick test”

Thanks to windows updates and changes. need to update that system first. Before ic an connect remote from the other room. What you get if you not used a system for a while.

Meh. :roll_eyes: Windows this days…


I wish it won’t disintegrate your microphone… as it just did for me…


What you mean ?
Audio and VR is anyway a big pain.
Thanks to bad clumpsy design of using it’s own soundcsrd.

Microphone i mabye worked out now so it wirks how i want.

Add: Unless you mean the windows update. I don’t know. only run the latest version on this tablet.


Windows update ruined my microphone configuration, only that.


I really hope that the desktop interface is getting a makeover replacement very soon. combined with font scaling. And leaves the single tasking UI behind.

It’s a show stopper many times in software.


Happy for the day we can change the control assignment. It’s complete wrong on my xbox controller now. 180 degree the opposite of most games i used it with.

Also happy for the day the soft baby coloers get replaced for soem high contrast colors and bigger font . So you not get a headace by looking at the high fidelity interface.

I can at least test some content and put soemthing on the marketplace i hope.