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interesting some kind of @$$ slimming vr solution, you allready said too much :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok. i where a bit longer today in High Fidelity. could not find anybody. The VR interface is super and much better then that other platform.

I still wish the start making soon a better desktop interface and fix font problems. SO you can build. Where in VR the tablet is perfect readable in desktop it simple sucks.

Still seen some nice places in VR


Oh nice. i figured out for soem reason my screen resolution where set to 1768x992 It make things more readable but alo more blurr. Test it on the 1920x1080 setting. Now the problem of getting a biogger font is only more urgent.

So… I need a bigger font in many panels and windows before high fidelity is useable or sansar. It’s already going to be fun with SL i think.


ADD: I have one backup plan as test to try if the newglasses not fix the tiny font problem enough.


Why are we not betting on the world cup we has hfc to burn?


How is the quote for Belgium ?


I was told they will win -.-


New round, i done it before but in wrong way. Learned soemthing new today. So, let’s do a new round of write my own external log viewer in C#. I don’t expect the one in high fidelity is going to change soon.

Now we only stil need better buiold tools , if i get a god log reader.

ADD: Pretty happy today. My first try to make a log new og reader start to wrok. It’s at least doing what i wanted todo with the first one 18 months ago. :sunglasses: Only a shame that high fidelity is already heading into the direction of elite. WIth elite game you need to use lot’s external tools to.

But as long it makes high fidelity workable i would be happy.


Why does it feel, and feels stronger that creator are put in dark corner of the room. The get only a block of wood a d a block of metal. And with that you need to build ?

If high fidelity want grow and get more people. You need to make building and the tools easy and stable.

It feels like building with screws you need to get into the wood with a hammer.

The DESKTOP user interface feels like old csr with a thick layer od dirt on the windows. If you want to start the car you need to turn the radio off. You can only turn the headlights on if the engine is not running. The window wipers you can only use if the radio and headlights are turned off. Oh, a d did i tell that the wipers are missing ?

People always did say secondlife is difficult. Well no, i could use the create tools almost straight from day one without cursing. Something you do many times in high fidelity.

Now we get back to font sizes. the log windows is a pain. i now decided to try to write my own.

Same with the ATP tool. It’s incomplete , hard to read. but the biggest annoying thing is that the used some bad design custom open file dialog window, Based on QT. Wish the did use the default system open dialog ones. Not reinvent the wheel again.And we cannot make own user interface or replace this.

I think i can mabye make external tool to make thing a bit more easy. but then where stuck still with that EVIL cache that is not turned off in create mode or give us at least for every option a reload button. I possible write my own atp external thing that work around the cache somedsy after i done the log reader. Only need to figure kut how to get it into high fidelity then.

How many external tools need to be made to work with high fidelity ? While that are basic things you would expect to have working and userfriendly in high fidelity ? With a good ui design ?

And so most alpha’s can add problems to a list of problems still not fixed. And new creators seems to hit the same problems.

Why cann we not get first good working besic tools to create and build with and a better designed desktop interface. A interface that not have it’s own life.

Last a question ?

What is the use of a new platform if creators not really can use it easy ?


photodammitery more like
it took all bloody day -.-


Earth from @Adrian did give a feeling of opensim and secondife. Something you not get with that other platform. Realtime is what make things more easy.

My log reader start to gte some shape that i start to think “This can work” It’s going slow.

Doing things anyway a bit slower now so the frustrations about soem things keep low, and i can work out how to work around it.

Still waiting for soem things, Custom button assigment to xbox and keyboard is one. I dont use the xbox right now because i cannot run ! :frowning:

With the edit tools there’s hope !
And i gave myself already a faster connection, it’s anyway usefull to have.


bet you’re proud as a peacock you did that.


Well u know, i took that feeling i got from it today took a bunch more photos

loaded them in the same prog the same way and got this

screw you guys im going home


Put that here


That’s funny, your avatar don’t really need arms :wink:


Not get it, the most important thing is to see your own body in VR like high fidelity does. The platforms that only use hands are upsetting annoying and feel wrong.

Still not understand that boogs write about VR only need hands. NOO , wrong !

Btw. xbox you use in desktop mode.


People can say what the want, but high fidelity have done more thginking about design and readability in VR. It just works in VR and is readable.

Cannot say that from othEr platform.

And high fidelity need some love for the desktop. But VR just works better with high fidelity


A machine for living
I was musing about design its importance its function its elegance.
So many principals are at play here and they are largely being ignored
Form follows function
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
Occam’s Razor
The 5W’s
All of these provide good sound logic to inform understand and produce good design.
I understand that these run contrary to the can we just make it work first ethos HIFI take.
But I feel as we approach a premature release we are due for a massive design revamp.
What does a release viewer look like?
Have we Identified who will use HIFI the target audience?
Have we thought about this user and met their needs in away to promote a feeling of value and belonging?
Have we streamlined the user experience to provide simple logical use of the interface and associated technology?
In wired Philip said
“VR’s ease of use, says Rosedale, is perhaps the most important thing about it: “A big part of our focus is to make it possible for people to build anything.” He had the same goal for Second Life - but there, it took users 40 or 50 hours to become familiar with complex keyboard-mouse commands. In VR proper, you do more or less what you’d do in real life. “
Do we think this has been achieved or is in progress?
Is this VR Propper? Or are we still in limbo waiting for the future to arrive…


For sure one thing is still pretty clear for me.

You not build in VR !

It’s a drama, pain in the A** todo. And if you need to switch between Desktop with your build tools like blender , 3dcoat or substance painter etc. you would get nuts.

Also it’s juts very hard to move things around in VR. It’s already very hard in desktop. But really in VR it’s not better.

I think developers are still in the VR cloud with building. While you can better concentrate on building in desktop mode. And use the VR side for the RP or Social side.

Oh. i do not build a table in RL from vertices , edges and faces… :rofl:


I don’t aggree. There is already many thing I prefer use VR. There is just some things still missing to do it completely. (The copy paste missing on the virtual keyboard is my top one)
We need both.


Let’s say it different.

The marketplace users will possible build in VR.
The content creators most will use desktop. And optional test in VR.