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kinda agrees
Inworld building tools will never be more than toys
full intergration with the big 3d packages is the way to go


I was very impressed with @GeorgeDeac and his TV studio and expo spaces, they were quite beautiful polished. He said he built them all in a standalone 3D program - blanking on which - and imported them in. I’m not a builder or a designer but I read the forums and it seems to me that the higher end domains need the pro toolsets, and perhaps the built-in Hi Fi editor is useful for tweaking those imported designs and maybe for “visitor” level simple construction for fun. I remember hanging out in Welcome watching people build stuff in real time using Hi Fi’s tools and that was highly entertaining. I miss having a big open Welcome space where everyone can Rez. The Spot is ok, but it seems like nobody can res stuff there and that was literally 1/2 the social ‘fun’ that got me hooked on hifi in the first place.


The Empathetic tourist
I was thinking about last night’s event
Which made me remember the song common people by Pulp

I sat and watched the event and read the chat in Phlash’s periscope
It was heated, and I thought damn I’m not getting into this
It felt like a trap.
Many complex issues relating to race class and religion.
As a species we suck at integrating, and if I decide right I’m going to try
How do I it?
And if we do we are just a tourist.
I suppose this was the point of the vr experience we watched.
Its never going to be perfect. You will never really get it
But hey at least you’re trying.
Change, everything starts with empathy.
To quote Doctor who
“Do you know what thinking is? It’s just a fancy word for changing your mind”
Anyways I found it thought provoking, yay VR.


On the subject of empathy
Text chat
I challenge the developers to spend a few days in hifi without using voice
to experiance how those users are treated
Smokey gets treated like my alt, she replies in the half measure chat that YOU dont run
asks questions that YOU dont read.
At the load test I overheard a new user asking @philip if there could be text chat
she was fobbed off as so many users have been
many people have many reasons to not want to voice
those are all valid and should not be dismissed.
It was said that people dont use mobile phones to communicate
people text eachother whatsapp eachother
but hifi in its infinate wisdom has denied us the written word
because text is hard to read in a vr headset.
thats short sighted in both senses of the word.


We will never be able to let many new users know why they should get a headset and join the VR wave if we cannot text to them. As Judas said, not everyone wants to use their voice, I won’t even insult people by listing the many reasons for this.

The VR worlds that are thriving allow people to chat in text.
I understand completely the vision of voice, but I spend a good part of my First Life day texting, chatting on discord, Skype, etc., etc, so that I can carry on with work meetings and tasks. If I had to talk to all those people in voice, I’d be fired. Text allows me to multitask and alter my attention on the fly.


I also spend my whole working time speaking on telephone. In privat, I really avoid to talk or using the phone. I am sure, I am far away from a ‘normal’ social media user - actually I think, maybe I am a little bit a social phobic. Text chat is, or offline messaging is for me a little more a calmer conversation with people, and I like that much. Additional, English is not my mother language, and I am a bit shy to speak it, beside the technical stuff what stresses me, when they not working good - or in a noisy background.

When I am online on other domains in HF, actually I am using my desktop, and I have no mic there. It is really strange how people behave if you don’t talk back with voice. Mostly I was getting blamed to be arrogant.

Btw, the event last night - I was there in VR, around 25 min. I was disconnected from the Domain around 10 times. My interface crashed 2 times and needed to Restart. I heard Voices, mainly from Philip, but most of the time I only saw pink balls where avatars should be. I think, it was the last time I joined this event. I don’t want be there just for the money.


Need to admit. I have the text chat app running in the tablet.
But i always forget to look at it. :frowning_face:
The other problem is that the chat app is on the second tablet page. so not easy to open tablet and read. You need todo every time a few click.

It would be nice if the chat app is default running and visible when you open the tablet. And extra button to open the Menu for the other options.

Oh judas, the tablet chat in high fidelity is pretty good to read. compared to other platforms. And the chat works ok in VR to because you have a keyboard.

But the need to make chat a default.
And the need to make chat easy to access
and quick to read in VR, See above.

Voice is nice, but chat keeps important !

Text chat is and keeps very important.
Not only for people that can use voice.
But also for people that can wear VR but cannot talk because many reasons. In this case i think about medical reasons to.

To say it this way, people with a handicap that can use VR but as example not voice. Are locked out ! And that’s the same for desktop or users that want tro use high fidelity at night and cannot voice then.


What would be cool is to allow text chat to be passsed to the system Text-To-Speech service and spoken in world. That way, those of us who only use voice will notice and be able to answer.


quite fancy a discreet array of tickers in vr


Thank you @Judas for raising this. I fully appreciate the role of voice in a VR environment but I just would like a voice of my own and as the other replies have highlighted the real world is not reliant on voice alone - we all use multiple ways to communicate all the time. I spend a lot of time in my professional life as an innovation professional encouraging people I work with to step into their consumers shoes and appreciate the real challenges to be overcome and opportunities to add value. In this case, I can only encourage the HF development team to do the same…


Its absolutly insane that in the hifi discord there are 143 people 161 in the telegram god knows how many in slack , 1267 on the forum and in world were stuck that joke of a chat
people dont use hifi they use discord for everything
we so missed the boat with this
and as the phlash is proving people love hifi they wanna chat in text

watch him sail through 600 users


Thing to try


@judas, Question. Your still running high fidelity from a laptop ?

My biggest hold is a bit the power consumption of pc.
Ok, am also still creating new the new project, so reason to run one to. But a laptop use quick 50 watts’s to and then i think it’s dual core.

The amd i still have reserved for it is around 100watt i think.


i do somtimes, but usually on the s3
its fine on the laptop if u only want 3 people there and u just run it when u want to use it
then its perfect really


Aha S3,
Where you can only have 5 users or so on the cheapest one ?

Need to find that page back. think i bookmarked it. Just to check.

Add: S3 ? I have only digital ocean link. https://docs.highfidelity.com/create-and-explore/start-working-in-your-sandbox/digital-ocean


Oh wow, ‘maker’ have a new skybox. this really big improvement. it make feel things there so much nicer !

ADD: Oh yuck. someobody screwed the nice looking skybox. :frowning:

Ohh, the rotate with different skyboxes. Just see a nice one i need. Jumping on marketplace. i want the other one to.

Why does marketplace not have a shopping cart. This slow process if you want a few things from same page.


Next time i choice for HFC instead of virtual credit card. HFC more uselfull. Less problems. The virtual cards not get combined to one big amount of $ you can then use.

Or i do something wrong. Plan B, transfer it to paypal.


i went for the hfc option this time around, tho i heard we need to go to the bank or somthing to get it this time around


Well, the bank works better. paypal is a disaster to.