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I mean paypal is fine. until you want to use a creditcard instead of bank.


I keep the prepaid card a bit longer. I hope high fidelity is going to add the option to buy HFC in the next few months.

Then i can use the prepaid card to buy HFC.
We need to have the option to add a custom amount then,SO you can use the whole 20$


@judas, it’s till silly.
I did see you online. But i cannot send a text PM to you because that’s still missing in high fidelity. :frowning:

So, i did teleported to you. Did say hi. But your AFK.
So, i tried chat. But not wanted to distracted you and not waited long.

So teleported to my own server todo the test i wanted.
But you cannot send a PM back. :frowning:

Text chat keeps important at least between domains.


ah sorry was at work
left me logged in by mistake


No problem @judas. i use SL long enough to know when someone is busy.


why dosent this use height instead of scale?

i want to be a certain height not a certain scale on an avatar
why dont the ± buttons work with it
and why cant I type in a number
its really really really fiddly


Scale ? Scale ? Scale what ? 0.1x0.1cm 4x0.1 cm ?
Can we not just what judas say use CM as height.
That you know what size your avatar will be.

This scale slider is a bit off scale.


Presumably because the avatar model’s height can vary before scaling is even applied. I imagine you could calculate it, but not necessarily reliably in all cases (how ‘tall’ is a fish avatar? And is it a giant guppie or a diminutive groper?)


How scale are you?
… And more to the point how scale is your fish avatar


My scale is 1:1. Unless I want to be a giant guppy, then I might be 32:1 :smile: I’m no mathematician (I can’t even grok long-division) but I can multiply, even by fractions, crudely in my head!

On the human side, I design my avatar to be a particular height in blender, then (assuming I don’t screw up the export units!), at 1:1 in HF, it is that height.


but as u grow do people say oh look at little viki shes scaled another percent
or do they say shes got taller


They say I got fatter. :frowning: (or thinner lately - magic pill. Discovered by a team of biochemists! One weird trick: saw my GP*. Lifestyle Magazines and Internet Scammers hate it!). But unless they have a tape measure handy, they are making a relative comparison anyway no matter what actual words they encapsulate the idea in.

_* who referred me to a dietician, and an exercise physiologist, and when that didn’t do much over a year of seriously following their advice, prescribed something more drastic.


Ok. why are the devs keep igorning this.
If i finished my marketplkace object
I figured out while doing this thgat high fidelity is still not improved.

There’s still no reload button for the Model URL and Compound shape URL That one is so important. Unles shigh fideity turned the cache function off when your in edit mode (guess not) Why… :roll_eyes:

There’s a bug in collision system somewhere to. i did need to switch it from compound to something else and back to compound. While mabye pressing the reload button would have fixed it more easy, but never know if it’s a cahce problem.


A bit demotivated.
Thanks to the still not so much improved build tools.

Still important things are not fixed. a basic simple thing like reload button, seems very hard. That’s another way why people not use high fidelity i think for building.


Oh, Nooooo !

It’s the first time i see it, and i hate it already

What a terrible ugly idea, Info littering !
How can i turn it off ?

BTW, i still not get that builders grid duplicated. ctrl-shift still fail.

My mind is wandering the last days more off to Opensim. Just because the new worlds implement so many thing wrong and not fix problems so it’s a worable platform. And some problems are years old !


A free Market economy

The market approval process is a tricky one.

I originally understood the approval process to be about ensuring the legality of an item.

That makes sense and is fair enough.

Now however there seems to be a push toward a standard of quality

Again, that makes some sense but is also a double-edged sword.

Does a mesh have to be pbr?

Does it have to adhere to texture and poly limits

Do they market staff have to like it?

Look at the drama that surrounded that Serina Williams cartoon

Are we liable to judgments based on what you might find offensive against what I might find funny?

The second part of the quality issue is

People can be 2 intimidated to even try uploading their creations to the market

“I just build for fun. , I’m not that good, what if nobody likes it and by association me”

Kinda thing

People won’t try

They will feel intimidated

I’m sure that’s not the intention but I think its how people feel

I feel that way.

There are aspects of the market which are difficult for users when an item gets pulled or rejected

We want help, a hand fixing it we’re all learning.

If this help gets documented, it can be fed back into the market design and it can only get better.


How much i like to use high fidelity.
I still forced to slow down to use it, A few basic things like load test work. Put something on marketplace is cliff side. It works if your carefull what you do.

But really creating bigger things ?
Then you dtart to hit bug, design mistakes, UI that not work nice.

So, i keep using high fidelity to tedt my mesh work. While we wait for e new designed create app. one that not have the cache problems and missing reload buttons. One that can be used without interfering with other apps you have open. One that have important settings like position not hidden somewhere in the center.

High fidelity is getting better. for visitors more visible. But the need to pay more attention to the creator side.

Meanwhile, most mesh i make is efficient enough that i can use it in opensim i plan to use. Because i really need to create. And the new platforms are not ready. Yes opensim have it’s problem to like secondlife with scale, but i think i figured out the scale factor high fidelity -> opensim. Opensim is more fall back if you get stuck on new platform.

Well, let’s first see if i can add one more object to marketplace.


Virtual Worlds , It’s just quicksand. When you step in it with both feed you not get (easy) out.

And i really like and want todo more with high fidelity. It’s just waiting a d waiting until the fixed the last basic problems.

Meanwhile you still keep using or playing with other platforms like secindlife and opensim. Waiting for that day…

Knowing not getting out of that quicksand.


Not sure where to put it @judas.
So i drop it here. Funny one in more ways.