Good/Bad - Right/Wrong in VR events. (Multi-Con postmortem)


I’m placing this here to draw away discussions of multi-con from the more general “letting out steam” thread.

Multi-Con and the ongoing Bingo Extremo events deserve to be discussed in detail aside from more general concerns.

I’ve got stuff to say but I don’t want to dominate the discussion so I won’t comment just yet.


Well I shall join in by not saying anything either


An aerial view of the Multi-Con domain to help talk about its design.

Taking this image using the spectator camera was a nightmare, the results is barely adequate, I’m in pain.

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Trash containers.
Trash cans.
Trash bags.

Okay, I admit the bags give me a Deus Ex vibe that I like, but why so many?

I find the containers especially annoying, as I have a habit IRL looking inside dumpsters where renovation is going on and seeing non-interactive ones in VR is difficult for me.