Good tool to check fbx file for textures etc.?


Is there good tool with readable font where you can check the fbx file if textures are present etc. Just testing fbx file but it appears without textures. maby did not baked it right or, or. but external tool to check it tells it quicker.

Need to support windows font, as example the fbx converter is terrible tool because the font is so tiny.


The FBX converter referenced in other posts here will allow you to load an FBX and preview it.

And a video from autodesk showing how it’s used.


Problem, the fbx conmverter is its the same as months ago. is terrible in use. i cannot read it. some company’s a re complete blind and use there own fixt font that you cannot rescale.

I have that bad tool sitting on my hdd. but useless because the terrible tiny font. again, cannot use.


If you give me a list of features you’d want, then I can write up a tool after my current development endeavour;


I hope others respond too, i dont know what tool. but it would be nice if the tool could work inside high fidelity that solve 2 problems at once. like people have a preview before the upload it.