Goodbye and thanks for all the virtual fish


It was interesting being here, lots of promise and some good things happened, but it is not gelling for me overall, especially the not knowing the where & when parts. I believe in a year or two things will be much improved and that there will be more clarity in this virtual platform’s offering, but until then it is time for me to depart and attend to my garden and Photovoltaics advocacy work, hence I am closing my account here.

Be well!



Close out the account? oO Just let it go inactive by not logging into it for awhile. :stuck_out_tongue: It’ll still be here when you come back in a year or so. :slight_smile: I mean, its not like they’re charging you some kind of subscription fee or the like.


If we had an in world currency and it was called lets say the Triganic Pu
I would say
If I had a Triganic Pu for evertime Balpeen left hifi.
but we dont even have a Ningi


Sorry to see you go @Balpien.Hammerer though I do understand the sentiment. I’ve not been around much mainly because of the difficulty of building things, the lack of easy tools with which to build primarily. Sure I can fetch something up in Maya but sometimes I like to whip something up like i might in SL, try it, drop some textures on faces, look at it and perhaps get serious and load up Maya. I’d love to be able to just drop some textures on faces of primitives I throw out in hifi but such tools do not exist here and editing things within Hifi can be frustrating at best.

I still have my domain although it’s been fallow for awhile and I will just keep it around till I come and look and see that hifi is pulling it together. I still have high hopes for hifi but it just is not fleshing out as quickly as I had suspected it would. I suggest you keep your account and check back in on things in a few months.

Good luck on your solar energy advocacy in any case. I use solar/wind for energy myself to power my cabin in the woods. Until next time!


Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!


That’s too bad, you were one of the friendliest and most helpful people here from what I’ve seen. The forums won’t be the same without you.

I can’t blame you though, I also halted work on the project I was making for this platform and started migrating it elsewhere. The lack of LODs and various other missing features make it not viable for me at the moment. I know it’ll get better in time though (a lot of time), which is why I will continue checking in, even if I’m not using the software for anything serious yet.

Hope to see you back someday in the future.


Limitations on more often set by the user not the software the user helps intern developed the software


I have also shifted from near-rabid enthusiasm to dormant over the few years and my focus has moved to a number of elsewheres.

Still, I keep the account and watch the summary forum emails to catch posts by the smart, creative, insightful, and personable members of the alphas (betas now?) Will miss the posts of balpien.hammerer