Google ATAP - Project Soli [Thoughts?]


Good morning everyone! I just wanted to share a neat and inspiring video from Google with all of you. It was published on YouTube on May 29, 2015, so it’s fairly new. On a personal note, I feel that the take away from this – and other technologies – definitely engenders in the viewer a sense of wonder and motivation to be more creative, as well as to be apart of some creative pursuit. Anyway, have fun watching! The hyperlink is listed below. Oh, and one final thing! I’d like to hear your thoughts on this, after you’ve watched the video, or if you’ve already seen it, then go ahead. :smile:

Google ATAP - Project Soli



If they could pair that with haptic gloves it would be perfect.


Thats a pretty cool idea to use ones actual hands as the “haptic” feedback. Although not sure how well such tracking would translate in a macro scale. Still keeping an eye on all of this tech :slight_smile:


I’m excited for this too. It definitely brings to mind the Leap Motion and the Perception Neuron, among other things that come to mind.


There is a whole bunch of them comming too :smiley: infact an entire thread dedicated to them over at


coo - in stereo ‘0’ radar’s frequency modulation giving high positional accuracy =
a game changer ?


There are many accurate hand and finger motion sensors emerging from research labs, and no way to pick the winners at this moment, so I guess HF should plan support for as many as possible.