Google Cardboard use w/ Nvidia GameStream


If you’re on a windows system with a Nvidia GT600 or later you can use gamestream to stream to your Android Device.

So in GeForce Experience go to Preferences->Gamestream
Hit the plus in the games section and add
C:\Program Files (x86)\High Fidelity\Interface\interface.exe.

In the Google play market download Moonlight Game Streaming

Now if you run interface from your phone the audio will come out your phone and you won’t have mic so instead start interface from your PC first so you can use your pc’s headset. On first run of moonlight select your PC and enter the pin to connect to the pc. Then select interface and resume.

Now on on your pc you can switch interface to 3dTV mode.

Now we just need to figure out how to get sensor data from the phone.


That’s awesome stuff, pity I don’t have access to a Nvidia card atm to try that out straight away.

Streaming solutions do seem promising, latency is key, very interested to know how well this works.


I tried and it’s very cool! Thanks for the tip! The latency on my nexus 5 is 14ms.