Google friendly searching for High Fidelity


Hello Colleagues,

I am a brand spanking noob and thought I would share my experience in trying to learn more about this awesome project. While looking for a new VR platform I weighed the pros and cons of OpenSim, HeroEngine, Unity3D, … you know the usual suspects. But what, wait, what is this about Philip starting this new High Fidelity thing?

So I search “High Fidelity” on Google only to find stereos, TVs, and phonograph players but hard to find anything about this project. So I searched “High Fidelity VR” and lots of articles on Oculus Rift, Google Glass, and other up and up coming peripherals.

So I am wondering, is there a chance to make a marketing change to help others noobs in the future to find this project by using the term some others are using such as “HyFy”? What are you thoughts?

Just a humble noob’s observation :smile:


While it is less of a problem now I have most of the useful HF resources bookmarked, I agree that finding things on such a generic name is a huge PITA when in a web search.

Not just HF. There are a number of OSS projects I follow that have this issue. ‘Processing’ being the worst offender.


I think that when HF will want to be more visible, they will do it… :wink: