Goooey gui thoughts and musings


very expensive digital mock up of how i want the gui to work

I want all the buttons down the side separate to the view window i hate stuff cluttering the view
I want them to scroll up and down with the swipe of a finger so they can be added to and arranged easily

hates clutter


Looks like you need to scrool to much with mousewheel. A good interface gives most of the things available with less clicks (because fingers) But the idea to have everything at one side sound good. if you replace the swiping for a few buttons to get into the different parts it can work. But, sofar the interface now is not so bad with buttons. i hate the chat, preference and script window more. but thats hopefully soon fixt.

The orginal SL3 viewer gui is a HUGH disaster.
FS beter, there i can have seperate chat and IM open at the top of the screen.
But also thats not perfect.


Think i like judas idea more, always need soem time to get into new things. what judas want you see already in blender. if soem things are to small you can scroll to the end with mousewheel. (or finger…) but the scroll area dont need to be very long.


I like the idea of having all buttons down one side, scrollable with the most often used at the top. Maybe even put them on a panel that minimises to just one button / tab so that the whole lot can be minimised. I think it’s really important that the first screen new users see should not overwhelm - much better to present a clean interface that can be explored once they have found their feet.


The nature of the direction hifi is going is away from keyboard and mouse dependance.So I’m thinking the buttons must be designed with a touch interface in mind swipe out to open them then you can swipe up and down the order-able list. Any menus and huds are horrible when your wearing a oculus rift, I know we all want to have that that Tom Cruise minority report experience but I hate flailing around to sift through menus . The interface must strive to be crap free at all times other when a setting needs to be changed.
I never liked windows opening over the viewport.they beak the magic of immersion.


But HiFi still need to work very good with keyboard and mouse to,
without oculus etc. or a big group cannot join. Still preffer to see people go to HiFi then SL2.
Just because all the new tools cost lots of money, not everybody can or want to buy that.


well or course keyboard and mouse will work still but its has to be focused on the new
sl2 will be all about bigger better more polygons
HIFI should be about people


Agree, cant wait until the oculus have a final release.
And things get cheaper in time, look at the tablets.


I acgree with @Richardus here, it would make sense to have a non-Oculus GUI too, since not everyone is going to want to, or be able to, wear VR goggles the whole time they’re in HiFi, or even the majority of the time they’re there. I like that Firestorm gives you a choice of an SL2-style GUI layout and an SL1.3-style GUI, and I get the impression most people on FS go for the latter. By the same token, the HiFi Interface should provide a nice, keyboard-and-mouse oriented GUI for those who want it, but have it go to an Oculus Rift-oriented GUI when needed, but where it doesn’t burden you with the OR-style gui when you’re not in Oculus Rift. Once HiFi opens to the general public, it will be interesting to see what percentage of ppl go for the windows-and-mouse interface the majority of the time and which ones go with the VR-goggles approach the majority of the time, or come to that, to some other mechanism yet to be invented, such as that Minority Report wrap-around-screen thing, or some sort of touchable holographic interface where you’re literally standing there with the GUI elements hovering AROUND you as 3D cubes and spheres and the “world” projected in front of you on a holographicaly-projected, curved virtual flatscreen. Okay, maybe someday. :smiley:


In that way, High Fidelity have a very flexible viewer. already now most of the thing can be customized or rewritten and changed if you know because its javascript. with oculus rift you need anyway a whole different approach of doing things.


Reading through comments here, it seems clear that different interface configurations for different hardware setups is the way forward. I think the touchscreen / mouse and keyboard setups could quite feasibly share an interface configuration, but clearly something quite new and innovative will be needed for HMDs. If HMDs were worn with datagloves the flailing about could be reduced to some (probably rather strange looking) finger twitching to get around interface menus / buttons / tabs etc. I could see that working well. But a usable minority report style interface for an HMD / Hydra or HMD / upper body mocap suit setup is going to take a lot of innovation to get working in an intuitive way.
For all setups though, I think being able to minimise everything to a tab or button to keep the viewport clear and uncluttered should definitely be a priority.
Currently, my only touchscreen device is an Android tablet, so unless Tony Parisi’s ‘secret project’ is going to be a browser based version of HiFi, I’ll not be able to contribute much on that for a while!

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