Got my Oculus Go today


Hi there,

I’ve got the Go 64GB today and must say, I am very impressed about the quality. Very clear screen, less god rays and very reduced screen door effect. It’s fun to play games on it, watching Netflix is cool and also using the Webbrowser is nice. AltspaceVR is already there (like on Daydream), and cause the Go is based on Android, maybe HF could be there also someday (hopefully).

The Go Controller is similiar to the Daydream Controller, but in better quality and it works better for me as on Daydream controller.

Just to say something about it :slight_smile:


imagine if hifi was on it
or even on the oculus store
but the devs know best right


I like the Go, too! It’s accessible for a lot of people who can’t afford the pc-headset setup. And even though it’s 3 dof, it’s a good experience. I hope HiFi can be developed for it.