GoTo and "Public" label


Can you explain me what I must understand fo these new “PUBLIC” lable on visible on some place name in the “GoTo” ?

When I bought a place name I think the intention was to make those place available to “Public”. (Otherwise, why I would have done that?)

Now it seems that my places are less public… :wink:
I wonder if people will dare to go there if there is only 1 person… fearing to disturb the owner.

Seriously… what’s the idea behind those “PUBLIC” labels?


I saw it just too and have not found how to set it in the Settings.


This is at least absurd as the size of the avatar name in vrchat :wink:


I don’t like going to domains unannounced
If only we had let’s call it text chat to message the users and check they aren’t “doing it”


The labels you’re seeing are a test - we’re looking at ways to let people know what sort of community feel to expect before entering a space. Right now, “Welcome” means that the space is sort of new-user-y and may be closely attended by High Fidelity greeters. “Public” is more “yeah, there’s going to be a bunch of totally random people in here.” “Community Owned” is for domains owned by members of the community, not us, so the domain owner is in charge of what goes on in there.

These labels are definitely subject to change, and if you have wording suggestions, we’d love to hear them. Please note: the placement of the labels will also likely change, and we’ll have explanatory text available in the future, whatever we choose.


Maybe “Social” or “Social Area” could replace “Public”.


Hmm. My question would be, would it then make it seem like community-owned domains were not social? Would it discourage people from visiting those?


That’s what happen when we put labels on things.

I suppose that if the usage of labels is generalized and if there is a significant number of different labels that it might be less read as opposed concepts.

In such a context of multiple labels then even ‘PUBLIC’ might not cause any issue.