Goto and the number of people online


I was wondering about the perception that people could have.

When you are using the Goto application:

  • If you see 1 person online on a domain, do you go or not?

  • If you see 2 people online on a domain, do you go or not?

  • If you see 5 people online on a domain, do you go or not?

  • How many people does it need to feel as not forcing a small circle?


If I know whose domain it is I also hop there for one person.

If I don’t know anyone present in a domain I wait for two or more people to be there before I go to it myself.


I actually go only to a domain, when I see 0 people online there.


Good thread
People I don’t want to see
People I do
People working
People not
No text chat to ask


As an explanatory addition:

I’ve had some strange experiences. I have to say that I only go to private domains when there are 0 people. On other domains like ‘Avatar Island’ or ‘Spot’ it’s different. Still, I find it strange to be immediately approached by someone. And you are insulted as unfriendly if you don’t answer directly (Instant Messeges would be cool…). I don’t use my microphone because there is always feedback loops and I don’t really like to speak, maybe it’s because of the language barrier.

I don’t know how others do it, but when I go downtown in RL, I don’t run directly to the first person I see and start a conversation. And insult the person as unfriendly if he doesn’t answer. Here I would wish for VR worlds to behave more like in RL.

When I work on my domain, I don’t want to welcome every guest immediately. That’s why I built myself an area where it’s obvious that the person inside is working. It should also show the visitor that he can look around without obligation and that his presence does not disturb me. Should he have a question, he can send me an instant message… (damn, that would be cool).


It might be nice to see a list of “who” is in a domain, not only how many, before you visit.


If you’re connected you can check this already on the People list :wink:


Here are my two cents on the Goto matter:

  1. The Futurelands event had Go To in their event app done in the most ideal way I’d prefer it: an actual GoTo button and clicking the thumbnail lets me view the information on the domain. New and old, I still see users clicking on Go To locations and being cut off mid-sentence because of this bad design choice. This could lead me to:

  2. The domain’s info could be published with the display names of people in that domain if the domain operator vouches for this. This could help satisfy @Lurks idea.

  3. This change could also lead to a better emphasis on snapshots for domains. Before, to view a snapshot, you had to click the tiny info button and check it that way. It’s a complete maze to view snapshots! This could eliminate it and allow users easier access to viewing a snapshot posted for the domain.

As for where I go? It depends, but typically to the most populated for now unless I am working on something. At that time, I’ll just go back to my own domain.


Well, the question aimed to gauge the level of unwillingness that people could have to teleport in a place where the only information is a number of people present.

Depending on the people, a different evaluation will be done, which could lead, in some case, to just not dare to initiate a teleportation.

Sadly, I doubt we could have here a significant sample to make any conclusion.
I was exploring that topic trying to see if this could have any incidence on the low number of people we have online.

Teleportation is always a surprise bag because you never know if you will land in the street or directly in the living room of someone. There is no such equivalent in real life.

I realized also why this looks less problematic in Second Life. That’s probably because you can have an idea of what kind of geographical distribution you are going to jump in.

No, too close to jump in.

Yes, I go.

Definitely not going to do that.

Yes, 2 but acceptable…

Hum… jump in a close circle, not too much.

Yes, easy approach.

Yeah, public party!

Now, imagine you have only the number to figure those possible case. Is it possible that it could induce a form of reluctance in some of those cases?

Bah, maybe I’m just a neurotic person after all… :wink:


I’ve suggested this as a solution during one of the meetings, so here I will state it again:

Domain operators can specify places as predefined locations (voxel/landingpointone, thespot/tree, etc). If my earlier suggested was integrated, you could have GoTo listed any public places as optional arrival locations. This means users could decide to come in from the bank rather than the underside of the bridge in thespot. These could even be accompanied with their own snapshots to help identify what that landing point is (since domains in High Fidelity are far more complex than an Second Life sim).


Why would “private” domains be listed to begin with? If there is a sandbox option for private then if it is marked it should not show in the GoTo to begin with. IMO


You don’t set a “Place name” if you want a private domain.


Exactly! …


Can you imagine 10 people?!


Sometimes I don’t speak bc I’m not alone.