Goto -> Places. Why not see your own domain when your on your own domain


This is confusing. and it’s not the first time.
In places i expect to see every domain, also the one am on.
But for some straneg reason places is filtering the domain out of the list am staying on.

It gives a response "where is my domain ?, why is it not visible in places ?"
Can we just show all places in goto, including the one your staying on ?


These might help you understand the search and discovery ‘go to’ results.


The short answer is that the ranking are based on mobocracy. It’s a little more complicated than that, but close enough for a succinct answer. You want your place-name ranked high, make something that attracts people to your domain(s).


No, i do not want to have my place name ranked high.
I just want to have it in the list, also when am already on that domain.

Currently places is filtering out the domain your staying on.