Goto / Website Places / Snaps... sorting



1- Can you explain how the sorting is done for the list of the domains in Goto and on the Places section (on the website)?

2- Can you explain how the sorting is done for the snapshots in Goto and on the Snaps section (on the website)?

I would really like to understand this to figure if it still worth to invest any effort to develop a public domain and continue to pay for domain’s names.

Right now I can see that many domains (including mine) appear far after some domains without any picture and description.

Same thing for the snapshots that are starting their life deep in the list after many, even those we take from the domain of other users.


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Sorry this is not an answer, just another related question.

I’ve just returned to HF after a long time out, and would like to know how to even scroll the goto list of places to visit. I can see two domain Icons, and the edge of a third, and no more. I’ve tried everything on mouse and kb I can think of, and can’t find any way to scroll the list at all. I can’t find any information on this in help or documentation either. I am not using any VR equipment, just a PC with normal screen. I don’t remember having this problem before, I am sure the list was easily scroll-able. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong now?


Doh, found out how to click and drag, not intuitive though! It could do with some scroll arrows or something. Still interested to hear answer to your question though.