Grabbable, is everyone able to grab all entites?


All uploaded entities are grabbable by default. I thought, this was just for the owner of the entities, or maybe for everyone, when permissions are set in the server properties. Today I had a guy on my domain, an he was able to grab all not locked entities and mixed them nice up… (Server settings are only set for anonymus, friends and locked-in to visit the domain, not more).

To avoid this, does it mean I need to lock always all entities (what is a pain, if you work on the domain), or maybe, this is just a bug and should not happen? How I can block other People to push stuff on the domain, without always to lock everthing?


It’s indeed tricky…
You need to uncheck ‘grabbable’ if you want to keep an unlocked item on your domain.
This way, the only way to select it is to use the editor list. From there I just hope that people without permission can’t move it. If they still can, this is going to be a problem, because if we want an object to self-modify by its script, we can’t lock it otherwise it don’t work.
(I would like to test it… I think I will have to create a second account to be sure how it works)

I notice a bug with ‘grabbable’ and not locked entities… on my local server, if I grab an object and i move it, the objects has completely vanished at my next visit. I tested it many time and it’s systematic.


Hi @Alezia.Kurdis, thanks for trying this. I can confirm your discovered bug, happens for me also.


Ouch same here // runs through domain making things non-grabbable (and locking them). Lost a terrain/floor and switch handle I was just working on… A dozen releases ago or so they added ‘objects grabbable by default’ to help with HMD building I guess… oops! Anything I added previous to that update was not grabbable (better)



What I would like to know now, is a non-grabbable and unlocked entity can be move by anybody or not… that would be a very badly exposed to grieffers. And an entity can’t be locked to be modifiable by its script. So I kinda need that unlocked and not ediable directly.