Graceful controls


Have you had a look at the script “gracefulControls.js” ? it allows take some very nice video shots. The key combinations that you need to use are:

Enable via the spacebar, then:

KEY_BRAKE = “q”; //slows down quickly
KEY_LEFT = “a”; //strafe left
KEY_RIGHT = “d”; //strafe right
KEY_UP = “e”;
KEY_DOWN = “c”;


wonders if they could be used with the 3d connexion space navivator thingy


That would be very nice @Judas. or better real hardware support in HiFi.


Pee deleted was trying to edit that.

I would love the graceful movement script to enable when i press and hold the mouse wheel.

I cant seem to stop it at the moment but love the control


Is 3d connexion space navivator able to be used?