Graphics and Physics issue: When Changing Avatars / LOD adjustment


There are two consistant issues which I keep repeating when I change avatars:

  1. There is a consistent change of bounding box size and physics behavior when switching between different avatars:
    This is especially noticable when switching between mixamo-blender as the blender avatar hasnt sunked to the chest without the Hips hack. but also occurs on blender-blender and mixamo-mixamo changes blender-mixamo: So its not just blender.

  2. This results in the next avatar “sliding like on ice”

  3. Scramble of textures and alpha values. Happens to avatars I switch to (mostly seems to occur on Blender made avatars) or if blender avatar has multiple LOD levels and others see the same.

All these issues dissapear after relog but reappear when repeated.

See Example video

CC: @sam @chris

(Also posting title odd because im getting a 500 error on postage)


Video seems to be private.


Ah that might have explained why the forum bugged out on it. Fixed link.


@Menithal can you private message me those FST’s so I can test on my end?


The graphics issue is very apparently when LOD models are applied to the avatars.