Graphics bug shiney or not


Mattias ekonmism and I are seeing very different results on his domain
i see the inside walls as mirrors and he dosent

im using a gtx1080 and he a 1080ti


Silly question, are all the textures uploaded from the same folder when packed in .fbx? This is the same issue that has been recurring… was trying to explain this months ago, but seems to have cleared up for me.

If the roughness is set to a very low value (0 or 1 - 2 etc) then the metal can just take over. Annoying as hell that its different for each user, try to make sure the cash is busted by adding ?version=1 … etc on the model url, this should make sure you’re not getting a cached version.

The floor appears to be rough for both of you? it must have something to do with the particular model…(walls)


its not my build i belive its on the market but its over on the ekonmism re cache it was the first time i visited


The model is straight from the marketplace. Or was, I can’t see that this type of house is still there. Think it was called “scima” or something.


new thing on my quest to report graphics bugs
my jimjamz jam which looked correct in episode 2 is now inside out
in the season finalie


My pic of the jar about a week ago
I have a 980ti. It was OK then.


whats interesting with it, is i dont have acess to the model and the change is in their video so i know its not somthing im doing wrong for once lol


I hit on somthing that im choosing to blame on @DrFran :stuck_out_tongue: back when we were still friends she pointed out there was an update to substance painter, which she forced me against my will to install
this unbeknownst to me installed a second different version of substancepainter

and it seems i have been switching randomly between the 2 ever since both using different settings
ofcourse this was not my fault and entirely dr frans and part of her trump lovin plan to destroy me

the upshot of this is i think i have isolated the different settings between the 2 versions of the prog and figured out what was going wrong

these are the ones that seem to work for me with the hifi blender exporter i posted elsewhere

@DrFran now i have foiled ur evil plan if u have 5 mins can u try them and see if it works for u ?
it should spit out 4 textures as such

colour is the colour
hardness is the metalic u can see the white scratch to the metal in it
intensity is how rough the marerial is
and the normals a purple bastard


hi, former friend @judas. I will try this, sadly much later today, as I have to work so I can buy ever more expensive content creator tools that you will always use better than I do.


try nothing, i followed caytlins tutorial substance painter to maya to hifi
shes using a different setting for the png than i was 16 bit png I was on 8

colour came out different

in substqance painter


The continuing story of shiney or not

In anger I made a cube with just 1 texture on it black with the word metal on it writen in white set only to themetalness channel…

in world it looks like this

with debugdefferedrender.js to me it was looking like this

to thoys and tj it was looking like this

i completly uninstalled hifi and everything and folder that goes with it
then re installed

no wonder nothing I was making looked right
i was fixing it to look right to me
How would I know that the installer dosent clean up properly when it updates.
heres the model
try it yourself with the
if you dont see the cube with white writing on a black background, you need to deep down wipe hifi cos its borked

this bug means i will have to re do my entire domain

everything white is stuff that shoudlnt be metallic

so thanks


What did you set as Hardness? I first sight it looks like you set it’s very low, which wouldn’t make it looks very metallic.


The cube only has metal intensity on it
im also thinking what ever glitch messed with my viewer possibly inverted all the roughness/hardness for me 2

thinks roughness is hardness, or at least thats the one that dispalys as metallic in the debugDefferedlighting.js
is at a stage where i dont know what to think if thats not right


so to check 2 gradiants white to black for roughness

what i do know is with blender rough ness needs to be inverted

which tells us that from blender to be rough the texture needs to be white


fixing the shine


Hardness … hum…white is shinny…not black. (That is if I really get what you have done)


absolute best results:

  • specular color slot - metallic PBR channel, white = metal, black= non metal (specular Intensity works as well , use either/or not both, but spec color has the advantage of seeing it in the Blender 3d view with GLSL)
    !!!remove all non white or black from the map, any greys will not work!!!

  • specular hardness slot - Use gloss map in roughness PBR channel, white =shiny, black = rough , grey = in between
    !!!after inverting map from substance painter, darken the over all image to tone down shinyness a little!!!

note … above doc is missing the images to reference… Is anyone proofing this stuff? Not very useful anymore since update to new wiki.


its this i dont like.I dont want to have to change anything if im using what is fast becoming the industry standard software
I also dont want to have to invert anything. Substance must be capable of making this change pre export

and hifi needs to display things to match mutter grumble rant


I know, I never said it wasn’t a total pain in the ass… alas if ye wants a crown, will also need some knights and a court magician.