Gravity / Physics / Phantom


When I logged in, I don’t seem to be solid. Is there something I have to configure or a script I have to run? Everything was phantom and there appears to be no gravity, collisions or physics control of any kind?


Physics is a work in progress. If you place a box entity you will collide with and be able to walk on.

For mesh you have to run a very convoluted external program (that you currently have to self compile and, as of my last compile, is broken). Then apply that program’s output, if you can get it to work at all, as a physics shell.

Basically - easy mode physics less using using cube entities to flesh out a shell around a mesh is still on the horizon.


So, If I make a box platform, I will be able to stand on it without sinking?


If you place a box entity you should find that your agent (avatar) impacts with it and will “walk” it. Yes.


that’s your answer to everything :smiley:


It’s one of my two favorites over my 30ish year career as an engineer… the second being SEP.

Somebody else’ problem. :wink:


my fave is try flipping the normals


Ah you’re both missing the long standing advice to get more RAM. MARVEL should make a Captain RAM superhero.