Greetings Everyone!

I am not sure what took me so long to find this place, but I guess now that I am here it would be a good idea to explain why :smiley:

I work as a production engineer for a family-owned PCBA contract builder in Illinois, the best employer I ever had. I first installed Slackware in 1992, on a 386dx from 5.25 floppies, and I self-taught myself about a lot of things over the years. The last few years, in my every waking moment, I am working to create a plan, the skill-set and the capacity for self-hosting, and purpose it for Industry 4.0. (FourOh) for the small Manufacturer and Warehouse. I have an LLC called Factory 4.0 Open Initiative to tie it all together. I spend time and effort maintaining a 100% standards-compliant DNS, email, directory, web, database etc. infrastructure on the internet, and maintaining my skills to be able to re-create or customize them. Despite spending all these years with Linux and related technology I am not an expert in anything, and I need to use packaged platforms such as Webmin / Virtualmin, YunoHost - but I managed to learn those and I make a lot of effort to master them to the best of my abilities.

HF looks interesting to me, although I am still installing the server so I have not actually used it. Augmented Reality is FourOh stuff, and until now I did not spend any time with it. My daytime job is production support, and a lot of that is regulatory compliance research and updates such as RoHS, BOM Scrubbing - database stuff. Virtual Reality is far removed from my current job, my scripting skills (except SQL, of course) are also very rusty - but we will see.

Thanks for reading, and good day to you!