Grgrgrgrg..i understanding this not


i load and load, with my Mac or with my Windows i can not load the Mixamo Avatare…this is in the log

[DEBUG] [04/07 21:18:39] Changing skeleton model for avatar to “
[DEBUG] [04/07 21:18:39] Logging activity “changed_model”
[DEBUG] [04/07 21:18:39] Changed scale to 1.2
[DEBUG] [04/07 21:18:40] “SSL handshake failed”
[DEBUG] [04/07 21:18:46] Removing Avatar with UUID QUuid(”{0fb36e12-be24-482a-89cc-2e51c40c8087}”) from AvatarHashMap.


The SSL certificate at is invalid (if you go to that URL with some browser you’ll see it alerts about it), our code won’t connect to invalid SSL sites. You need to either get a signed SSL certificate in place, or remove the ssl and use http:// to connect.



Thank you i have make but the Avatare load not…than come this error

[DEBUG] [04/07 22:18:53] Changing skeleton model for avatar to “
[DEBUG] [04/07 22:18:53] Logging activity “changed_model”
[DEBUG] [04/07 22:18:53] Changed scale to 1.34
[DEBUG] [04/07 22:18:54] Mapping file QUrl( “” ) has no filename.

Than i have make over amazone with this url and the Avatare load not too

This comes when i the url put in the Preferentces

[DEBUG] [04/07 22:31:47] script:print()<< "Error: Request for users status returned 0 "
[DEBUG] [04/07 22:32:01] Changing face model for avatar to “
[DEBUG] [04/07 22:32:01] Changing skeleton model for avatar to “
[DEBUG] [04/07 22:32:25] Changed scale to 1.2
[DEBUG] [04/07 22:33:06] Changed scale to 1.2
[DEBUG] [04/07 22:33:55] Changed scale to 1.2

Object: dickefrau.fst
Bucket: highfildelity
Folder: models
Name: dickefrau.fst
This is a public link
Size: 4563
Last Modified: Tue Apr 07 20:22:39 GMT+200 2015
Owner: 591b8091dff03e64f72e3a7face3cb39a04af5d2e2dd110dc12dc55e8e9d5538
ETag: 5804ed1d6b645e272623bdc3be80adbf
Expiry Date: None
Expiration Rule: N/A

I have not idea why this is…The url work not on my Mac, or my Windows…

With Mac i can moving on Windos not…but this is another problem



there’s something wrong with the contents of your fst file, @chris who’s a good point of contact to assist there?


You had spaces in the link to the fbx within the fst. I cleaned up the spaces and it works. Check out the attached picture:

Here is the fixed fst. you can download this and put it on your server.


Ahhhhhhh wounderful…yet its work too, bad space:)

Thank you so mutch, yet i can work.