Group name expired with no warning. Urgent, please restore Earth Group


There is an ongoing issue that seems to be getting ignored.

Right now I have a problem, my group name Earth expired last week, no warnings no emails nothing.
I didnt know until I went to metaverse to join a new resident to earth and the group showed red (expired).
So I went to renew the group name and it showed earth as available, so I clicked it and was given a brand new Earth group name.
The problem is all my members are gone, I had something like 80 active and 20 pending members on that list. ALL GONE.
I am desperately hoping there is some kind of backup or that my group data is still stored somewhere and can be restored. But I fear the worst, this seemingly simple bug may have cost me dearly.

It’s not like it hasn’t happened before and it has been posted several times, twice by me.

January 2016

December 2016

February 2017

So this is not new.
@b you were going to look into my bounce problem in Jan 16, what was the result there?
I also had the same problem in Jan 17 and posted and got promptly ignored.
I am sorry Birarda but I have to put you on the spot, can you please fix this.

Also why is there no grace period? Expired and gone, just like that. Every other domain provider and host I use give some grace period.
When you cant guarantee that everybody will get a warning (and it’s proven that you cant guarantee this) then you could allow a grace period, it wont cost you anything.

I ask 3 things.

  1. Please return my group data for the expired earth group so I don’t lose the last 12 months work.
  2. Fix my email alerts, so they work. Seriously you cant let this happen again.
  3. Consider allowing a couple of weeks grace period on all place and group/list name expiration for all users.


Dun dun durrrrrrr
Sright tho. Should have the option to repeat pay automatically


I got a warning for my group. but not usefull to keep.

Maby the can better have a warning system that not is based full on e-mail. That seems to break sometimes.


Sorry about this. Ops is looking into restoring your group data, and is also checking to see whether something on our end caused the email failure. Email isn’t a perfect sole channel for notifications of this type. We can explore additional options.

As an aside, for issues like this, it’s best to email A forum post may not get seen quickly by those in a position to assist. Tagging specific staff means you might be pinging someone who is afk on vacation (as one example), whereas the support email is actively monitored by folks who can escalate to the appropriate, non-afk people.


Thank you Jess, I would be really happy if that can happen.
I wonder if notifications could be pushed to the interface somehow.

Ok I will email support in future, I hope you can follow this up on this occasion.
Thanks for your help.


@Adrian: Ops restored a backup from August 8. Can you go in and make sure everything looks ok?


In addition, we found out what happened with the emails. At some point long ago (it looks like May of 2014?), emails to your account bounced, and our automated mailing service put you on a bounce list. We’ve removed you from that bounce list, and you should receive emails again.


Thank you so much. My group has been restored.
Mark is going to try to send a test email to see if they go thru now.

Thank you for dealing with this so quickly, I appreciate it immensely.