Grrr didnt work jsut crashed and cant delete the post lol


didnt work back to the drawing board lol

@chris I was reading that there had been a move to c++11 and thinking this might fix my crashing on the alpha domain went and updated the viewer
and 1641 it still crashed
But as I seem to be one of the few having this crash .
The developers and quite a lot of the alphas are some pretty serious geeks so what if they have something I don’t have installed.
I Played a hunch and touch wood windows 1641 is now crash free in all the builds that killed me
Here’s what I did…
I installed the free developer tools
a bloody huge download of i know not what
rebooted now things aint crashing.
Its hanging here and there like its thinking about crashing , but its coming back to life

I’m thinking one of 2 things are happening with windows.
Either the visual studio thing that runs when you update the viewer, isn’t actually updating anything
or the full visual studio has things in it that the one the built in updater doesn’t

But I would guess that @thoys has full visual studio installed on his pc where as the more stupid regular users such as myself, wont…


Hi @judas did this work or not?


nope didnt work @chris it seemed good for about 10 mins i was walking in the places that crash me then bam c++ crashed and back to crash city


@chris i was looking at the lounge model the one with the people say playing chess.opening it in blender it has none uniform scale and a a lotta doubles. wonders if that cold l be killing c++


@Atlante45 and @Samcake . @judas is crashing a lot on Windows and have been doing some great work debugging. Do you think there could be an issue with the chess board?


Hey @Judas,
I doubt it would be an issue with the chessboard, also still possible.
Do you have any stacktrace/logs to provide about the crash?

When you installed VS, did you actually run a dev build or the standard installer?


@Judas do you have a stack trace - can you run through windbg?


is on the regular windows version of hf and installed the regular visual studio purple on one on the left on the page i mentioned above,
Its when i go near the buildings in the alpha i downloaded the club one and its full of empty lights and mesh without applied locationus and scales. Knows the developers are all on macs but I crash on windows 7 and windows 8 when i approach these models
@Atlante45 i have posted about this alot c++ crashes same crash as i was getting here
I don’t know how to do windows debugging im not thoys lol
asfar as i can tell all the windows users get this crash just i seem to be the only one left still trying to get a solution rather than just avoiding the locations. I don’t crash on my own domain



I think you can easy say that all windows users are more crashing. Still crash sometimes to.