GTFO support (domain access control by another name)


In the settings for the server sandbox stack manager whatever its called there is a setting for a hardware ban
How does one go about using that?


You can do it via the MAC address listing on the server permissions under “Permissions for Users with Machine Fingerprints”, add the mac address in question and disallow from connection.
If I recall correctly, you can find information on currently connected finger prints from the connected agent list.

However, you have to remember that hardware Mac addresses can be spoofed. and the Fingerprint can basically be generated on the flow with a custom client.

Easier just to turn off anonymous connections and ban by username for now until someone works up a zoning methods. Would force them to constantly create new usernames, and up the effort they need to put into it.


Thanks for the answer
I do have anonymous switched off, or i think i do
finds these settings all very confusing i shall ask caitlyn maybe to explain them at a maker meeting

fer my money anonymous shouldnt beable to connect