GTX1050 the gateway for larger market VR



Seen it but Meh a GTX1050. That’s why it’;s not intressting to spend a topic on it. High Fidleity still have troubles with GF980. So 1050 cannot be much better.



The 1050 is priced at $140USD and it can be retrofitted in existing desktop computers easily. Tune for that market and the cost of HMD VR enablement drops from $2000+ to $900.


But how well can it run Crysis?:sunglasses:


Bal it really is a good value. but, for some of us them killing SLI on cards under a GTX 1070 is hard to swallow. waiting myself on Vega 490 or might settle on the upcoming Polaris RX 485.


Here’s the thing - if the minimum requirements for VR here is the highest end graphics card on the planet on a high end computer that supports that card, plus the HMD an hand gear, the market is teensy weensy top end gamers. And yes, 6 years from now, maybe people to move u to that kind of gear assuming its price drops significantly.

On the other hand, If the minimum requirements are tuned for the 1050 then the potential market grows 20x (my guess). I have seen good progress here on improving the render efficiency and also expanding what can be accommodated on lower end graphics cards, so it is feasible.


The card competes with the RX 460 that also can be used without the need for external power supply cable, this has been on market 2 months.

That is a double edged sword with most people taken 3 to 5 yrs between upgrades. 1050 with 2GB ram is already a slug with the ever more demanding game requirements requiring memory between 4GB upwards. for people to future proof, one a reasonable budget(family spending). they need to buy 2 or 3 tiers up so again you come back to GTX 1070 or RX 480x2. i believe minimum requirements is the wrong standard in less then 12 months the GTX 1150 will enter the market on the Pascal refresh regulating the 1050 to below minimum.[quote=“Balpien.Hammerer, post:7, topic:11670”]
I have seen good progress here on improving the render efficiency and also expanding what can be accommodated on lower end graphics cards, so it is feasible.

The is really the best solution were the software can squeeze out every drop of power on entry level hardware my only concern is even that is under ideal conditions.
example you might have a creator logged into High Fidelity/Sansar/SL all at one time. while running content editing software rendering in the background. so that same headset is now struggling with the experience degraded.

I believe it is a lack of competition from AMD currently in the market. while Nvidia is playing the Intel shell game of 10% power increase every new generation on the low end cards. the 1050 is only 10% faster then a 960 and the 950 was just a cut down version of the 960.

In 6 years my hope is Intel/AMD APU have become so powerful they can replace external graphics cards in the most part or compromise a move to move MXM slots to ITX/SFX Boards taken advantage of laptop features in home systems.

Compact PC


I do not expect the get as powerful as dedicated graphics card.
One of the current problems is that the GPU is inside the CPU.
That’s a big fail to get GPU power, and i do not see that problem with heat fade away easy. Solution would be to put dedicated GPU on the mainboard. like you see with the southbridge idea. But why would you do that, dedicated graphics card betetr, and it can be replaced easy.


Most of the heat issues have been solved with in the chip cooling features on the next gen chips using built in micro channels for internal cooling. also they are moving away from silicon to more heat neutral materiel’s below the 10nm process.[quote=“Starry_Supernova, post:8, topic:11670”]
MXM slots to ITX/SFX Boards
That is one solution to allow 3rd party access to boards that will allow upgrades for graphics.[quote=“Richardus.Raymaker, post:9, topic:11670”]
Solution would be to put dedicated GPU on the mainboard
[/quote] Yes, but you want to avoid a standard the relies on embedded solutions were MXM slots turns all giant graphics cards into small tiny powerhouses at some point will be much more affordable.
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