Had a play with Mixamo (Adobe Fuse) and ManuelBastioiLAB(Blender Plug-in) today


At work I loaded in Fuse and spent a few hours crafting an avatar to replace my old OS one. Quite successful and mostly happy with the look (breasts look weird at the smaller end of the scale!). Clothing was also a breeze, within the limits of the pre-supplied wardrobe.

When I got home I decided to give ManuelBastioiLAB a spin on Blender. Was a bit more fiddly to get into, but on the whole, I am happier with the avatar output once I worked past a few glitches in the way the sliders fight with each other sometimes! Also I will likely do a bit more tweaking (particularly around cheek bones which won’t go where I want them) after I have Finalized the mesh.

I’d opine that Fuse is a good bit better if you want to run off a quick avatar, but ManuelBastioiLAB, when more developed, is going to have more appeal to fussy fine-tuners (like me, since it is my primary avatar we are talking about here). I also have a strong preference to have my production path open-source.

Caveats - I haven’t read up on how to do clothes in ManuelBastioiLAB yet, though I see some enticing options there that hint at powerful custom-clothing possibilities. Also, I haven’t even thought about rigging for the ManuelBastioiLAB avatar yet (will read up on it elsewhere on this board shortly) Rigging and importing Fuse via Mixamo to HF was click-click-click, as per the instructional vid over in HiFi docs.


You can rig the ManuelBastioiLAB very quickly in Blender via auto rig.

It works similar to the way how Fuse auto weighs everything, but has the option of making your weight paints properly.

Ill have the tutorial on it in the Blender Thread later on.


Here is the Mixamo avatar:

Looks a bit harsh in the online viewer, but is a lot softer and smoother in Fuse itself (and them eye-lashes!!)
It is more cartoonish (as I used the cartoonish starter mesh, since that is what I wanted). I was able to get the triangular face well represented. Probably still needs a manual smoothing out in places.


Here is the one from manuelbastionilab via Blender:

Realism is a bit too high for my liking (I am not interested in photorealism for my own VR worlds, or avatar). Probably need to investigate if there are more cartoonish base meshes I can use.
The output is a lot smoother, and not just because of the more detailed mesh - there are a lot more targets for fine adjustment (except the one place I want!!).

Lack of hair makes it difficult to properly compare the two.


Here is a scale-normalised side-by-side (with hair crudely copy-pasted across too):

To be honest, I think I prefer the Fuse avatar’s general look, but will need to smooth it down a bit. The manuelbastionilab one is actually creeping me out a bit.

Of course, having generated the Fuse avatar, I can then keep the base and run it through my Blender workpath for everything else I want to do.


Did you check out the new version coming
ManuelBastioniLab 1.4.0 http://www.manuelbastioni.com/gallery.php


Back at work now. The Fuse in-program rendering is a good bit better than the in-browser version via Mixamo:

Still needs a clean-up, though. Will play with my options today in that regard.

Manually got a bit of the chin/neck smoothed out in Fuse, but the tools provided are pretty clunky and it isn’t much better. I really need to get the mesh back into Blender where I can attack it on an individual-vertex level.

In an art-imitates-life moment, my avatar looks better from a distance! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

While the head needs a bit of work. I am reasonably happy with the body. Have to do some special work on the hands too, but that isn’t because of anything in Fuse - my Avatar is intended to have non-quite-humanoid hands. Chances are I can also do a bit of further manual poly-reduction on parts of the Fuse base if I feel it is useful to do so.

(I am now treating the Fuse output as a starting point which will never be returned to once my avatar enters my Blender workflow pipeline - I will grab some matching meshes for generic clothing items out too for parallel treatment).

My main concern at this point is what Blender will do to the rigging during import/export.

I also had a play with the ManuelBastioiLAB Anime mesh. But the body proportions were way off what I want.