handControllerGrab.js Hydra zero point issue


Last month I finally acquired a Razer Hydra and it made exploring Hifi a much greater experience. While goofing with the newer flashlights, I discovered a bug where you could push your own avatar out of existence and this made the interface very unhappy. This could be resolved with a simple relog.

The problem is that upon reloading my scripts to clear out various junk scripts, suddenly my hands were not acting normal. I first called it “Wacky Wavy Inflatable Arm Tube Man” syndrome since the avatar would flail its arms aimlessly all over unless I kept my arms apart. After checking my Hydra was not defective with the Simple3D test and a quick run of Surgeon Simulator, I could see my Hydra was fine. I rebooted my system, logged into HiFi, still suffering from WWIATM syndrome.

After going to Developer -> Hands -> Show Hand Targets, I could see that the data is being picked up just fine and that the issue was the ‘root’ point was now at the head, the root point being where the base is on a desk. I double checked the Simple3D program and this was confirmed.

I’m still checking through the GitHub to try and find when something might have changed this, since wearing the base unit as a hat would be very annoying. A solution that may be of help would be an axis offset option, until I can tame the scripting beasts, I’m not 100% certain how to introduce this.


After wearing the base as a hat, I can confirm this is the case. I don’t know why this was done, since the Hydra’s base isn’t light.

EDIT: After disabling all scripts, I can see it’s just how the interface is handling the hydra. This issue is closed and I’ll just address it as a bug with the Interface and not the script.