Hangout: Feb 7 2016 6 PM GMT


So another of those hangout times, come to
hifi://fire on Feb 7 at 6 PM GMT , for a chat, discussion, ask for help, or show stuff


Bumping this up as a Reminder. :slight_smile:



Thanks for the meeting, had a long 2 hour talk but unfortunately then the audio decided to die for polyworld. I guess next time :slight_smile:

For the Devs, it happened on polyworld at about 8 pm GMT ():

[02/07 22:16:13] [DEBUG] OVERLAY Unhandled image property color
[02/07 22:16:16] [DEBUG] Received packet from domain-server to remove node with UUID "269631ea-eb48-4a31-a71a-f14784336f89"
[02/07 22:16:16] [DEBUG] Killed "Audio Mixer" (M) {269631ea-eb48-4a31-a71a-f14784336f89} / 
[02/07 22:16:16] [DEBUG] Starting QAudioOutput for local injector QAudioOutput(0x2007e7af700)
[02/07 22:16:16] [DEBUG] Starting QAudioOutput for local injector QAudioOutput(0x2007e7aed20)


Excellent audio chat, clear low latency, even for the 192ms across the ocean connections. About two hours into the hangout audio cut out completely. Lacking a standard chat method we used jumping up and down as our audio-is-down communication modality.

We regrouped at the sandbox, good audio but again after 30-40 minutes, the audio mixer died there. I suspect this is more than just a coincidence. Would be good if devs would peruse the logs for polyworld (12:10PM PST) and sandbox (12:40PM PST) domains.


Yes, interesting chat on a variety of subjects. Hopes I can make it to more meetups. Strange about the audio mixer, there was no warning, all seemed to work well for hours and then … audio ping: -1.