Happy Boombox is now on the Marketplace 🎶


The Happy Boombox is now available on Marketplace. You can swap out the songs with your own music in the userdata property on the boombox entity!

Get it on Marketplace: https://highfidelity.com/marketplace/items/e9da3d33-b937-4e07-bdf8-29dde581dfd1

Get the source code on GitHub: https://github.com/misslivirose/happy-boombox

I’ll be updating the readme on GitHub with more detail about how this is made, I’m working on a tutorial for building it from scratch that will be along soon.

Thank you @XaosPrincess for the inspiration in mentioning this on another thread! :blush:


Awesome, thanks so much! Granted, this means I now have to model a Wurlitzer, but that sounds like fun too! :smiley:


This is wonderful :purple_heart::radio::sunglasses:
Thanks a million @MissLiviRose !!


Awesome! Can’t wait to test it out! Thank you!!!


Hi @MissLiviRose,

thank you once again for the Boombox making my domain so happy :purple_heart: :radio: :sunglasses:

And a question:

Is there an easy way to customize the text beneath the songlist via the user data?

…this would allow me to give credit to the record label which allowed me to play its music :slight_smile:


All of the files for the boombox are available on Github & it should be simple enough to alter the HTML code that makes up the app interface (including that bottom line of text). I’d be happy to help, if you need. :smiley: You’ll find everything at https://github.com/misslivirose/happy-boombox.


Thank you so much for your input @krougeau :purple_heart: :sunglasses:
I’m well aware that I could rewrite the .js, but for coding noobs & new users it would be much more convenient to change the default text in the user data along with the songs’ URLs.
So my question was rather a trying-to-be-charming way to ask for a new feature in this wonderful script :wink: I thank you for the opportunity to clarify this & will edit my original post accordingly :kissing_heart:


My apologies Xaos, but I think you misunderstand me. This isn’t so much a matter of rewriting JS code as it is altering some simple HTML and removing or altering the text you’re inquiring about. Again, let me look at it and make sure I’m not putting my foot in my mouth, haha, but I’d be happy to help and it should be a simple matter of altering or removing the text.


Thank you so much @krougeau :slight_smile:
This is a great inspiration for getting this to work via GitHub :+1:

(For that one I’m confident on being able to fix it on my own, but I’d love to get back to your kind offer with harder scripting tasks if I may :heart_eyes: )

I was inquiring about a end user friendly solution though - one where one wouldn’t have to get started with Github or script hosting, but could just be able to change the default text via the User Data within the High Fidelity Interface :purple_heart::sunglasses:


@XaosPrincess, I’ve got a new version working that will let you set the attribution text in the userData. I’ll work on getting the updated version on Marketplace!


Thank you so much @MissLiviRose - you‘re a UX angel!!
These customizable objects as well as the blueprint scripts are such a great & pleasant way to learn about scripting in HiFi while carrying out ones own creative ideas :purple_heart::hammer_and_wrench::sunglasses:


The boombox model is effected by the issue with the black textures so I’m going to fix that but hopefully will get the new version submitted to marketplace tomorrow!


Fixed the FBX and re-submitted the update to the Marketplace. Hoping it will go live soon!