Haptic speech experiments


aka feelspeak

a set of scripts that you can run with someone else to feel each other speak through the vive controllers. there’s a lot of fine-tuning that can be done and features that can be added but thought i’d throw it out there for some feedback!

i’d like to add a way to select who you’re ‘tuned’ into and improve the timing.

you can test this by yourself if you comment out lines 4-6 related to MyAvatar.sessionUUID in receive.js – then you’ll be able to feel your own speech when you speak.


it works by getting your avatar’s average loudness value and broadcasting it as a message. the listener gets that message and their controllers are vibrated proportionally to the level of the sound.

what other fun haptics experiments are you all up to?

james p.


Gutter mind today. :smirk: The architectural distance between feel-speak and teledildonics is surprisingly short.

But back to feel-speech, is this an experiment to ‘shoulder tap’ the person one is speaking to? That would be interesting to have, although I’d like it to be more of a gaze & speak effect - you look at the person then speak, and that would trigger a little hand controller buzz.



a haptic ‘knock knock’ to get someone’s attention would be cool.

an idea that’s come up a bunch around the office would be a sort of ‘divining rod’ that vibrates when you hold it in the direction of the nearest avatar.

re: teledildonics, i suppose we’re there already depending who you use the scripts with :wink:

in my initial tests it’s a pretty interesting tool for those of us who are easily distracted – feeling what someone else says as they say it makes me pay more attention. also its comforting when you are in the same space (say a house or a cave) as someone else, but can’t actually see them. caitlyn was in another room in the same virtual space and we were connected and i can imagine that being a great way to explore unknown (and potentially scary!) environments.


Indeed a VR version of hunt the wumpus:
“I smell a wumpus”; “I hear bats nearby”; “I feel a draft”.

Spatialized bat sounds and wind noises, and some haptic feedback on the nearness of the wumpus.