Harmonic animation


I’ve now got a workflow for creating full body harmonic animations for use with the walk script, meaning that although starting life as regular mocap animation data, the converted animations below have no keyframes - the entire animation is composed of 100s of sine waves with varying amplitudes, frequencies and phases.

This means the playback can be controlled with precision and there are no interpolation errors - kind of like the difference between raster and vector graphics. The system has many other advantages of both keyframe and procedural animation techniques, and as far as I know is unique.

HiFi animation is about to get a significant upgrade. Will be posting a link to walk.js 1.4 beta soon.

  • davedub


This is excellent news since using wavelets too will permit one-shot complex expressions to be mixed in.



Yep - one shot expressions are possible using reach poses - the current walk script can already blend / mix multiple animations in the time domain - there are times when it is simultaneously blending 12 animations and reach poses, for example when three transitions overlap.

I’m also hoping to get a handle on how emotional content is represented in the harmonics, and perhaps start adding character, emotion and expression by manipulating them in real time in response to inputs like a BCI. Playing around with animation data in the frequency domain could well present a number of creative possibilities, all very exciting!


Like the kid say (or maybe use to say): Whoa! Awesome!