Has anyone tried this sculpting too?


I watched a few videos, and it looked too good to be true. So, it probably is.


Yeah, I was using it quite alot… Even used it to create the base sculpt for the fen avatar long time ago, and mentioned it in the 3D Suite post

Its very good basic sculpting software and I highly recommend it as a secondary tool for those wanting to get into modeling. Just make sure to learn how to do a retopolgy on sculpted models after, because as is those models are very, very polygon heavy. (tools like shrink wrapping and bsurface help with this tons)

Shame the creator was bought and then hired by pixologic and moved onto zbrush.

Although as I just rediscovered blender feature earlier today which I will be trying out later… for those not in the lounge…


Will give this a wirl tonight. Reminds me of mudbox