Haunted improvement


I tried to be on haunted now 3 times. First one where a check.

The second one where in desktop mode.
In desktop mode it’s at least not so super dark as in VR.
But the flashlight does not work in desktop mode. It’s not following the direction your looking. It’s simple pointing downwards to the floro and is not usefull.

No problem, let’s try VR !
Oh wow, it’s complete dark, you really not see anything.
Let’s grab the flashlight !

And there the problems start. The way i hold the flashlight is complete wrong. You hold it in your hand with the handly horizontal ! Not the way you hold a flashlight like that in RL.
Oh bummer. Noit a super big problem.

The big problem comes now and made me stop using the domain. The flashlight have some simulated beam, with a bright white start and not enoygh transparency.

In desktop mode it’s already bright to look at.
But in VR with my HTC vive it’s swamping my VR because everything else is just BLACK. Mabye it’s not so bad on oculus rift, seems that does less dark then htc vive.

Because that white beam simulating am forced to hold the flahslight behind my back. And makes it hard to use with looking around.

Fix the flashlight by removing the beam complete would be nice and i think more realistic. Or at least remve the part inside the red rectangel. That is what create the biggest problem in VR.