Having a little trouble with my avatar


Problem with my Blender-generated avatar.

It falls through the terrain and randomly goes vertexy:

The default avatar works fine, so it is very likely an issue in my avatar workflow.

Before I go and re-rig from scratch and such, has anyone any suggestions on where I might look in my workflow for a quick fix?


  • Avatar was generated from Blender and rigged to the default HF skeleton as of a couple of months ago.
  • Skeleton was locally modified - one extra set of digit bones on each hand - uniquely named (could this be cause of issue?)
  • Avatar was linked to a fresh .fst file recently.
  • Running client and servers on Linux (OmegaHeron Linux build scripts)
  • The framebuffer garbage in the background of the above image is almost certainly a separate issue and one that I am not presently concerned with.


Regarding the skeleton changes, how were the additional digit bones added and what naming scheme are they using?

As for the other parts of the avatar, judging from what knowledge I know about blender and the rigging process, it looks like some parts of the model aren’t being rigged right or that the export process is doing something to the rigging. Menithal’s documentation for blender should hopefully yield better results than what I can explain.


I don’t see an issue adding additional bones, as we both have experimented with those with our tails. This it might be related to the issues with the frame buffer / rendering pipeline related the Blender models with the specific build @VikiAi is using (after all, you have some odd issues with framebuffer, so its not far fetched to say something off with rendering too).

It falls through the terrain

Falling through Terrain would hint towards skeleton scaling being off from the mesh.

Have you tried using another Blender model that is known to work, such as my new template?


Thanks for the tips. I suspect I will have to re-rig too (gak! - the part where the top overlaps the pants has to be weighted manually with much care!) I will try out @Menithal 's new template first too, to double check things.


FYI: the extra bones are secondary thumbs which are attached to the hands and called “[Right/Left]HandLowerThumb[1/2/3/4]” as per other digits. I am also playing with the idea of somehow rigging them to the main thumb bones with reverse-direction weighting, since I don’t have a RL equivalent to control them with. :grinning:


Ironically, a smoother and brightness-graded version of the color-noise presently in my sky is actually what I intend to implement for my world anyway, hence my non-concern with it for the moment. I am assuming it is just because I haven’t set my own sky explicitly and the default texture/generator is missing from the build.


Fixed (sort-of). Turned out the falling-through-terrain issue was that the avatar skeleton was scaled to 0.01 in blender. I normalised (applied object scale) the skeleton to 1.00 and avatar collision is working now.

Still going vertex-monster occasionally, but it seems to be resetting itself to the correct mesh again fairly quickly now. I can live with that for world-testing purposes.

(An intermediate stage of working this out involved a 700m tall avatar! I’m not sure why that would make a difference, but boy did Interface sloooooowwww ddddooooowwwwwnnnnn!!!) :grinning:


OK, me too, but a slightly different problem. Sorry, this may be long:

This is my doob avatar, brought into HF using the .fst that doob sent to me. It looks ok, but I so want to mod the hair and clothing, and add glasses.

So, I downloaded the .fbx from the .fst, and brought it into Blender, where it looks like this:

I modded the texture for the avatar, attached new hair and glasses, but NO MATTER WHAT I DO, the hand comes in deformed as in the photo. @Judas did fiddle with it, and sent it to me OK, but it instantly messed up again.

If I can just get it into Blender without deforming…

I am using the newest version of Blender.

Any ideas? I would really love to use this avatar, and if I can mod it without messing it up, it would be a real joy for me. Thanks, DrFran


oh, and, if I bring in the .fbx without going through Blender, it’s fine.


also notice the foot, its outta whack in the t pose